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Early morning run

Not run for two weeks as after my personal best distance 18km I've been getting over some sort of respritory infection thingy that made my throat sore and also made me too tired to feel motivated to run.

It's super hot here in the Loire valley at the moment. mid 30s at the moment, 39°C by friday !

Anyway, woke up this morning feeling surprisingly bright and chirpy, not tired snotty and mildly headachy as I'v been for the last couple of weeks. I was awake before the 6h00 alarm, so I decided to go for a run. It has to be early or late as I get burnt extremely easily by the sun. I decided to take mr Garmin and mr MIOLink as usual, but I decided to leave Laura at home.

I still love Laura and her stamina C25K+ podcast, but, when I've been stopped running for a while then I like to start with some easy no pressure no Laura runs.

Happily it was still pleasantly cool at 6h00. I did my normal warmup 5min walk down to the road that leads down to the north bank of the river. I started running at my normal VW Beatle marker (It doesnt seem to move from there much :) )

I just ran at a gentle easy pace and enjoyed it. Didnt push at all. I followed my normal 6km route along the bank of the river, and then did my now usual 5 minute stretching session before heading back home on my 5 min cooldown walk.

As it turned out it was 6km in 37 mins. A very comfortable and pleasurable run. Looking forward to doing the same again on Thursday morning :)

Happy Running everyone :)

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What a lovely sounding run!

Wish I was out running in the countryside this morning rather than slogging into London on a stuffy train!


That sounds really lovely Zev. And it sounds as if you're back in running land.


Sounds wonderful Zeb xxx

Glad youre feeling better and you beat the dreaded lurgy into submission :-)

Welcome back :-) xxx


that sounds lovely! :0 like the idea of a beetle car marker! my lampost marker this morning doesn't move much either! handy that! :)


Well done Zev its hot here too but only 27degrees this evening.


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