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Week 2 Run 1 - done sssssssssslow - yippppeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

I have taken on board what people have been saying - GO SLOW!!!!!! and it works :-))))

On Week 1's runs I was very breathless and my trainers weren't really suitable for running in. So Hubby and I went for gait analysis and got some trainers. It has made a difference already in that my old trainers were causing me problems with my arthritic toes and were also causing my husband's arthritic ankle to play up. What a couple of crocks we sound but he's mid 40s and I'm getting close to 41.

Went out for a little walkie yesterday with number one daughter and did a couple of little jogs paying attention to the word SLOW!!!!!! Gee what a difference.

I was very apprehensive in starting week 2 as I had been so breathless on week 1 - but today I completed it and was much less breathless than on week 1 - so so chuffed :-)

Hubby couldn't run today as his ankle is still playing up but he 'just' walked along (his brisk walk is probably faster than a lot of people's jogging anyway) and so I just jogged on and then walked back to him. Also took all of our girls with us today (3 of the little blighters) although by the end there was lots of moaning as they couldn't keep up with us (we do the podcast and then finish walking a 3 mile circuit).

Feel so good that I am attempted to run again tomorrow - but will be sensible and stick to a brisk walk.

So remember fellow newbies - slow is the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well done, thats great. :-) Hope hubby's ankle feels better soon so he cam get back at it too.


Fantastic! Slow is one of my favourite words :) Glad the run went well.


That's the way to do it! (Said in squeaky voice, like Mr Punch.)



Great advice....I also went a bit fast at the beginning, but now I've found my pace. Slow is the new fast.... :D


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