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Feel a failure :-(

Have been slowly doing this pro gramme since January and have been taking it very slow one due to my overweight very unfit body and two the snow and ice has made running difficult but Ive still kept going.

Today a beautiful spring day and off I go full of enthusiasm I attempt week 3 run 1.

Oh god what a disaster i couldn't do the full 3 Minuit run. It was so difficult, what is wrong with me ? surely by now I should be able to run 3 Min's.

Laura saying just keep going well sorry Laura i failed and feel rubbish about it.

Can anyone cheer me up please and tell me it's not just me that feels this way. I wont give up but i really need a boost at the moment.

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Luvleeju!! We all have bad runs doing this program, this was yours. That's it! You know you can run- you've progressed since going out for that first run. Remember thinking you couldn't run for 30 secs? Well, you conquered that one- you will this 3 mins. Grrrrr!

I know how you feel, really do, but if we keep going and know that others have done this and are graduates (imagine being a graduate!!!) we will get there :-)

Don't go too fast in your running. Don't think about it too much whilst out there either.

You can do it!

Best of luck for your next run

Ali :-)


Luvleeju ... some wise blogger told me that just stepping through your front door for a run means that you are not a failure, so it doesn't matter, you just do the run again and next time take it a little slower.

You can do it ... I am a size 22 and very unfit when I started but you just keep getting out there and keep going and you will get there. I remember feeling like I would die doing 60 seconds but can now run for 25 minutes .. so you will get there.

Feel proud to be on week 3 :)

Good luck and let us know how it goes next time.


Ali is absolutely right. I'm at the beginning of week 9 with an over weight unfit body and the 30secs nearly killed me a few weeks ago. I had 2 bad runs last week and ended up walking and was so down and angry with myself... but that was pointless so I dusted myself down ... reminded myself how far I'd come and of all the benefits and managed the next run ok.

It is hard ... but if I can do it ... you can. Keep jumping on here for support. Lisa x


I can really feel your disappointment Julie but please don't let it get you down. As Ali says we all get days and runs like this so just put it behind you and try again; there is absolutely nothing wrong with you that's for sure!!

Believe me, when you graduate and read this back you will be amazed at how far you have come and laugh at how you found 3 mins so hard : D

Oh and BTW the "F" word isn't allowed here! ;) It was just a blip :)

Best of luck for your next run!

Sue x


Hi Luvleeju yes, dear Ali has commented and encouraged me too earlier today! What a star she is! She's perfectly right, you know, we WILL get through this ... Why, when we are so determined does fate chuck us these grotty days? I've flunked the start of week 4 today, but despite carrying too many pounds, probably being too tired from a working and walking week, and having my knees forget what they can do today, I WILL get this programme conquered and so will YOU! There will be another sunny day very soon and after a rest day, you will be ready to give it another go....

All the best with your next run .... We'll all 3 of us (plus dozens of others) be graduating as summer arrives :)

Take care, Linda


Hi Luvleeju, please don't worry about the 'odd' bad run without them we wouldn't have great ones! The best feeling in the world is when you have a great one. There hasn't been too many of those yet for me but they are the ones that stay in my mind.

Good luck x


Same as everyone above. Keep it slow and don't be hard on yourself. You will get there. :)


Thanks everyone your comments have helped lift my mood. Today I'm much more positive will give it another go tomorrow at least I managed 2 mins before walking so that was a improvement from the 90 seconds .


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