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6r3 failure - not happy

Been dreading and looking forward to my 6r3 big one all day. Just back from a business trip, dinner on the table and so delayed to just now 22:45, a little late but boy was I up for it.

Confidently started the walk with the lovely Laura in my ears and just switched the treadmill from 6.8 walk to 9.6 run. All going well until 2 minutes in and my left ankle fails on me. Tried to run through it but not possible. Run stopped and 6r3 failure after 7 minutes.

Really bad end to the week and going to bed now very unhappy.

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Don't be unhappy - these things happen and they can't always be predicted or avoided. You've done really well to get this far!


Thanks for your kind words. I hope to be back of track when I recover. Still limping this morning though, so no idea what has happened.


Don't use the f word, it is just a hiccup on your journey. These things happen. Hope your ankle is OK, give it time to recover then do the run again. Am sure you will succeed :-)


Thanks rolphie2, for sure I used the f word but it was not the one I posted!

Not sure what is wrong, but I will get it sorted.


Don't be unhappy, its a hard run without any injuries!! Just let your ankle heal and re-do the week, there is no shame in that, I am redoing week 6 starting today due to illness and its the third time I have had to re-do a week, its fine your doing excellent.


Thanks slowtony I look forward to getting back to it. I guess I need to find out what happened. As I was on the treadmill I can take care of my footfalls, so no idea what went wrong.


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