week 6 run 3 - oh my god!

Did run 3 tonight, had a very hard day at work, lots of problems to sort out and it took my mind of what was coming. wasn't until I got back in my car and saw my bag that I realised I was supposed to go to the gym and get on the treadmill. Tried not to think of any excuses, although it was very warm! Got there and got started. Laura started by saying that if i was having difficulty, perhaps I should repeat a few runs, no Laura, just tell me I can do it, and I will be fine! I did find it very difficult, it was a very long 25 mins, I thought "surely people don't enjoy this" but it came to an end and Laura told me I was a runner! I think if I wasn't so stubborn, I could have given up easily, but I completed it! am wondering whether I will find 25 mins easier when I have done it 3 more times, boy I hope so! felt very sick, not sure I drank enough today, certainly forgot to go for a wee all day, so thats not good! need to hydrate more before next one I think!


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17 Replies

  • very well done i am doing that one on friday

  • Good luck, if I can do it anyone can! It's hard but you will be fine, its a great feeling, good luck!

  • Well done. I will be doing run 2 of Week 6 tomorrow, then run 3 at the weekend. We can do it !

  • Yeah! Feel better now, had a rest and got a big grin! Good luck with your run tomorrow!

  • Im doing run 2 week 6 tomoz am and then run 3 week 6 sat morning - getting a bit easier but I wouldn't say I was a runner - especially as it is all treadmill based

  • I've done 2 runs on the treadmill and 1 outside each week, I have found the outside ones difficult but actually more enjoyable, as the view makes the time goes quicker, and believe me, every little thing helps! you are definitely a runner, think how far you've come! good luck with your runs this week

  • well done you

  • Thanks to all, wrote this as soon as I got back so was feeling rather tired! Can't stop grinning now, the weeks have gone so fast!

  • You're doing well!

    Liked the bit about forgetting to wee. I ALWAYS get desperate just before I start, no matter if I've only just gone. Yes, I know - too much information


  • So it's not just me then!

  • Hey Jennyn.. just so you know everyone has runs like you did today.. i know because i posted a few weeks ago after a really bad run where i too felt sick afterwards and wondered why i bothered putting myself through it at all, and got so many replies telling me that everyone has days like that abd it made me feel so much better.. i graduated on sat because of all the encouraging words from everyone on this community..

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    oh and just a little advice i got from an avid runner just last wk, maybe you already know it, but its best to avoid hot drinks (tea coffee etc) for a couple of hours before you run, aparently they can dehydrate you, instead opt for water before during and after your run.

    i didnt know this at all (love me tea) and since ive stopped before i run, i feel so much better, and the stitch in my side that has been plaguing me since i started running is gone!! so must be something in it..

    good luck and keep on running :)

  • thanks for this, when I sat and thought about it, I hadn't actually had a drink all afternoon, so how I felt was not surprising at all! have been drinking like a fish today (only water!) to try and get ready for wk 7 tomorrow! thanks for the tip, and good luck with keeping motivated!

  • woohoo officially a runner :)

    those words mean sooooo much!

    congratulations X

  • Well done! I did it yesterday too & must have repeated Laura's words "you're officially a runner" 100 times in my head since. I can't believe it!!

  • good job, sometimes you just have to tough it out.

    You won't always enjoy the run but I suspect you will regularly enjoy having completed it!

  • Well done....am doing that one tomorrow.....hopefully!

  • good luck, you'll be fine! let us know how it goes

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