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W2 R2 Better breathing and running!

To everyone who commented on my last blog....thanks for the advice. This run was much easier as I did what I was doing the first week in terms of breathing and running style.

I realise now that I actually land on the middle of my foot and not the side like I first thought. It was much easier running like this and I didn't have to think about it....compared to trying to run landing on my heel....very unnatural :0 I also didn't count as it was very off-putting ( and dangerous as I nearly suffocated :p ). I just tried to breath evenly and slowly and it worked. I really enjoyed my run.

Went out at a slightly earlier time but then I had to stop at the railway crossing at my last run, so I will time it better tomorrow so as to miss the train ( don't often say that....usually I have to time it better to catch the bloody thing...lol :D ).

Tomorrow is my last run for this week and I hope it feels as good as today's...I'll keep you posted :)

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Well done rockchick!!

I'm firmly of the opinion that really the best way is not to think about running too much and breathing and just finding what's natural for you. I got really stressed about running to conformity and ended up nearly collapsing! As a beginner myself I just want to get out there and know I can run for 30mins continuously without during first and then concentrate on technique !! Naive? Maybe but he'll, I'm off the couch!! :-)

Best of luck for your next run, keep us all posted

Keep running :-)



Was amazed at the amount of progress and weight you've lost. Well done!

I tend to agree with Auntie Ali's comments about running and breathing naturally. If you really want to improve your breathing which helps to oxygenated the muscles which helps you run start blowing up balloons daily!

It helps to increase your lung capacity and stops that feeling of suffocating when running.

If you think about it that's why trumpet players and the like have such lung power/capacity to play the long notes!

Good luck.


Great piece of advice about the balloons.....never thought of that. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes....:)


Thanks for the great piece of advice.....I blow balloons up everyday and I really feel it is helping :)


I'm glad you're finding it helpful. What you are doing is expanding your lung capacity and forcing the air deep into the lungs for better oxygen absorbtion.

On a lighter note, just imagine all the fun you'll be having blowing up balloons for birthday parties and other celebrations. If you got your husband to help you, you'd be like a pair fools. Hilarious!!


I wish they would edit out the landing on the heel advise. When you wach the video of Laura talking about C25K she does some running between the talking sections and you can see she's landing mid-foot, not heel first.

Glad you got the landing and breathing sorted out, you're doing great! :)


Now I can laugh about my attempt at breathing and running that she suggested.....but at the time I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to continue as everything was so wrong :) Everything feels much better and more natural. Thanks for the encouragement 8-)


At least they've acknowledged now that there is an issue with the heels advice. Though whether it will get changed, we'll have to wait and see.

Glad it all worked so much better for you rockchick!


I've just read about the heel issue....it's good to know they are listening to us. It is probably a huge amount of work to change these podcast....but as a newbie I just took what Laura said as gospel and assumed everyone did it. Since then I've read more blogs on this issue and there is plenty of advice from former and present runners. It is such a great source of information this blogging lark :D I've never done it before....a bit like running :)


Mmm. Not sure which I've enjoyed most, the running or the blogging! They've both done me a lot of good though.


Blowing up balloons is great advice!

As a trombonist, my lung capacity is pretty good, but early in the programme I still found I was having problems getting enough air in at times. What sorted it for me was some old advice from when I was a kid learning the trombone: Breathing IN isn't the problem - your body will take care of that. Concentrate on breathing OUT as far as comfortably possible each time. This will slow down your overall breathing rate, but it will make sure that every breath gives you a full lungful of nice fresh air, and not just a little top-up on top of all the stale stuff that's still in there from before.

It really did help me a lot with combatting the dreaded stitches which seem to be more or less inevitable.

Good luck!


I think it's the best piece of advice to give a new runner. I have started to blow up balloons everyday....my husband laughs his off....but I really feel it has helped. I am starting W5 on Monday and until now I haven't had a stitch (although I don't run that fast 1km about 9mins :) ) I will continue to pass this on to new people who blog about breathing ;)


That should say " my husband laughs his head off!!"


I always thought I was just lucky, not struggling with my breathing when running. I think it must be my singing training that's helped. I also enjoy singing along - sometimes a bit too loud📣🎼🎵🎶


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