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Up and Running

So, I've just finished Week 1 - in total I've done 5 days instead of 3, but I'm discounting the first one as a trial which nearly killed me, and the fourth was a final shot on a rare summer evening, before I move up to Week 2 this week.

After the very first W1D1 I didn't think I'd ever want to run again. Ever.

But I was running into the wind, with no style at all (spent the whole minute each time feeling like I was going to topple onto my face at any instant), awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassed by other runners... and I lost my favourite headscarf in a particularly cold blast of wind from the lakeside.

This aside, I got very little in the way of encouragement from the first few people I told about my new running adventures, and I was, for a week or so, put off ever trying again. But then I told some better people, who were much nicer and far less critical of my running abilities, so here I am, marginally less unfit and proud.

I run around the lake at a country park nearby, roughly 1.5 miles I think, and I can get all the way around and a little more before the podcast ends.

Scenery is beautiful, and keeps me going because after I've passed the third run I *have* to keep going - after all, it's just as far to walk back to the car from that point as to just keep following the podcast.

All sorts of people - other runners, dog walkers, fisherman, cyclists - even the odd (very odd in my opinion) swimmer - so its never lonely.

(running, it seems, has also given me a new appetite for apples, previously considered to be the most boring fruit in existence. I'm even craving one now, just talking about them... )

Might have to get some proper trainers soon, since I'm getting pains in my legs, which I'm told is because I lean in slightly at the ankles when I run and need support on the inside of my feet.

I also seem to be developing a rather embarrassing "dead leg" - when I slow down for the walk, my right leg steps normally, by my left just plods really heavily, stomping on the ground regardless of my efforts to control it, and to an outsider, probably looks very much like a dodgy prosthetic leg lumping along for the ride. Alien leg syndrome.

Anyway, all being well, Week 2 Day 1 tomorrow; quite looking forward to the challenge, although my right leg has just throbbed at the mere thought of having to run 90 seconds at a stretch instead of 60.

Here goes nothing.

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well done its great to get that first week out the way I found it one of the hardest.

Good luck with week 2.


Getting the trainers is a must for two reasons (1) you will be in less pain and run better (2) the novelty of wanting to use your new purchase will motivate you. Good luck and keep on keeping on.


Totally agree with this - I bought some new trainers a few weeks ago for a uni sports competition that I was 'dragged' into... the shiny new trainers have since been sitting there looking at me, almost daring me to get back into running... I now can't wait for W1R3 :)


I could have wrote that myself. I have long way to go but it did start getting easier when I starting wearing proper trainers and clothing especially underpants. The chaffing used cause me more problems than anything.

Keep up the good work at some time you might have to take a step backwards but the program does work.


Get gait analysis done at a running shop rather than just picking out trainers that look nice in sports shop. Tell them how much you want to spend and they will find some for you.

Don't worry, for some reasom wk2 is much easier than wk 1 (well for me anyway!)

Well done and I think I have alien leg sydrome in both legs!


thanks - I had a gait analysis done at Start Fitness - and I was really impressed with their service, up until the very nice young gentlemen suggested the best trainers for me were a lovely pair with fantastic moderate support for my foot, at a mere snip of £119! A hasty retreat ensued and I think I'll spending my money elsewhere... But good to know what to buy, since I really am otherwise completely clueless. Up until yesterday, I only ever bought trainers based on colour and how cheap they are (I use the same process with cars and its never failed yet, although I have only owned two)


Hi, I went to Sweatshop yesterday and had gait analysis done and came away with a fab pair of all bells ringing trainers for £42.40 they have a sale on at the minute and the service was fantastic loads of helpful advice. Worth a look if you check there website to see if there's one near you they make all the difference. I ran W1 in really cheap but look ok £10 trainers! But today W2 R2 in my new trainers still walking faster than I'm running but heyho :)


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