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W2 R2 - More comfy


Did my second run of week 2 this morning with my new Karrimor audio holder running pouch with two diddy water bottles and my ear clip headphones. Despite the fact that my mummy tummy podged below the pouch, I felt much more comfortable having my hands free and able to focus on the actual runs. I think that my new kit came to about £12 (in the Sports Direct sale) in total and made my run a less frustrating experience, although I still found it hard physically.

I think that it true what people on here said to me last week, that although it stays tough, your body starts to find it easier to recover. I had a bit of mild knee pain at the start, but that eased off during the session. In the fourth running interval which had some good rocky music, Laura actually said that I could start walking before I got to the stage of mentally willing her to tell me to stop (like on all my other running intervals)!

Tried to follow her breathing advice a bit more today too and did manage a little bit of counting in and out before I gave up and resorted to panting!

Was heckled by an elderly gentleman today and didn't hear what he said, but when I nervously said 'pardon?' he repeated 'You've got a stride on!' I was brisk walking home and it taught me not to assume that the only thing that the people I pass notice is my podgy tummy!

By the way, for anyone struggling with week 1, although the 90sec runs in week 2 are hard, I prefer there only being 6 running bits. Seems less of an endurance feat somehow!

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Hi Big-momma, Nice to hear from you again. I always look out for your posts, they are so motivating! Pleased you have found more comfortable way of running with all the paraphernalia needed to monitor your progress. It must make a difference. Nice feeling isn't it when you get to the end of the run before Laura tells you to wind down!

My W2R1 tomorrow. Supposed to be starting S&F1 today but late out of bed - again! Still, off now, in the rain - but I don't mind rain.

GOOD ON YOU for keeping going!

big-mommaGraduate in reply to Beek

That's very nice of you to say! Hope that you didn't get too wet! Good luck with week 2 and S&F1. I haven't managed to even look at that prog yet!

BeekGraduate in reply to big-momma

Hi Big-momma! I really enjoyed doing S&F1 today. It is quite gentle compared with C5K but felt really useful. I need to get my core strength back before I start looking at my bees again. (Always gives me back ache) This felt promising. Looked forward to poached eggs on toast but ended up with my day lost before it began. No idea where it has all gone! Meeting some bee friends for a curry at 7.30 so not feeling as guilty about that as I might have done. (Note to self: Do not eat too much or you won't sleep and then find it hard to get up - again!) W2 tomorrow!

Well done :) Like you I preferred week 2 over week 1 although the running is longer I found the stop start of the first week difficult. I'm starting week 3 tonight which is 90 secs and 3 mins running twice. I'm a bit worried about having to double the running time but I keep telling myself its only twice and its the same amount of running (9 mins) as last week. I keep thinking my legs ache today but i'm pretty sure its just my brain getting ready to tell me I cant do it - but I can, and I will!

big-mommaGraduate in reply to fitbefore40

It sounds to me like you can indeed do it! Didn't realise the programme got to 3 mins so soon. Laura's no slacker!


Welcome to week 2!!! :-) Gayle

big-mommaGraduate in reply to gdeann

Thank you very much! So happy that I finished week 1! Not missing it at all! Congrats on having completed the programme!

I'm glad for you it's getting better! I also enjoy reading your blogs :)

If you're getting a bit of knee pain, make sure you drink lots and stretch after your run. I sometimes do a "knee warm up": knees slightly bent and together, hands on knees, draw circles one way and then the other with your knees (does this make sense?). You look daft but it works ;)

big-mommaGraduate in reply to Monemy

Thank you! I am sure that my toddler would find a knee warm up most entertaining too! I do feel as though I need to something to ease them in a bit!


Woooohooooo look at you with the new gear! ;) Bravo, also lovely that you have realised that people won't give a fig about your shape ...they're struck dumb by your athleticism :D keep on doing what you're doing so well. Look forward to hearing of more joy as you progress through the next few runs. Good luck :) Cheers, Linda

big-mommaGraduate in reply to LMS2110

Athleticism, hehe. I think that I would need at least another 7 weeks on this programme before my running has that effect on anyone. Congrats on being a grad. Thanks for your encouraging words!

Well done you're doing great big-momma. Thinking back to when I did W2 I too found it much better than W1. You're probably finding your confidence has increased because of the new gear too (good old Sports Direct). So much easier to concentrate when you're not having the faff around with earphones and other things. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in such a short space of time. I graduated a week ago today and at lunchtime I managed 5k in 30.04 minutes at the age of 46! Mind you, I am now writing this comment from my hospital bed!!!......only joking. Good luck & keep writing your brilliant blogs. Claire. X

big-mommaGraduate in reply to nomorejellybelly

Thanks and very well done speedy! Had me worried for a second though! Think I would have given up after W1R1 without this lovely community!

Big momma, well done! I did w2r2 yesterday too so we're at three same stage. I remember your blog last week where u were struggling so it's great to hear you feeling more positive now. You've inspired me anyway :-)

I found w2r1 such a challenge. W2r2 was less difficult (I'll stop short of saying 'easy'). But to put it into perspective, 3 weeks ago my catchphrase was 'I can't run for a bus.' Well I was late out the door this morning and actually had to run for my bus and for once I wasn't out of breath!

Keep it up, I'll look out for your posts in week 3!

big-mommaGraduate in reply to Jennyh543

It's lovely to hear from someone at the same stage. Great to hear that you passed the bus run challenge! I haven't had to run in normal life yet, but I did notice that I managed a power walk into a class and didn't get all hot and sweaty! Best of luck for week 3!

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