W2 done!

W2 done!

This week marked quite a significant change of my running style, for the first time doing the outside run. More on that in my previous post. 2 runs that followed were also outside, and this time it was trail run. This feels like even bigger change, now I use route and segments used by 'serious' runners.

It was not 100% as planned but what in life is? I have skipped Wednesday schedule as it was very busy work-wise and I came home late in the evening. Next day afternoon I went to local forest trail, again with my son. He managed to join me on first 2 rounds and patiently waited in the middle for the rest of them. It was good for me as well as I was using the same segment back and forth, as further down the trail there was steeper hill awaiting. I felt great after that run and finished without major issues, just a minor stitch sometimes mid-run.

Yesterday I went to the same trail, this time alone to try to run further this time. First 2 segments were fine, more or less no incline and I could keep my standard pace. But then the dreaded incline came and it felt like nothing major at first (I do a lot of hiking so not afraid of hills). But as I progressed, I had to drop my pace to a crawl and began struggling to catch my breath. The following segment was even harder, I felt my heart pumping and lungs up in my throat. I think I coughed out cigarette smoke from 10 years ago when I quit smoking. :) But manage to do it in the end and slowly started declining and going back. Running down the hill felt like relaxing walk in the park compared to my previous attempts.

I think I pushed myself too hard this time and was very lucky to have escaped without injury. But it felt goooood! :) Had beaten all my personal bests, managing to walk/run almost 2 miles during that session.

Other observations: I had light brunch hour and a half before last run and this time there was no pain/stitch at all. I have gained almost 5 pounds since I started 2 weeks ago, measured my calories and I was eating same as I do without the run (I just hope this is water binding to muscles). Not concerned too much as I do feel great and my knees hurt less than they did before I started this. I definitelly sleep better. Have slight headache in mornings and evenings. Was not concerned seeing other walkers during my run, even felt superior in some way. :)

Week 3, here I come! I might change my schedule though, to suit my work and lifestyle better and run Tue, Thu and Sat. Week 2 over and out.


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7 Replies

  • Blimey that was hard! Well done for getting week 2 finished and an even bigger well done for doing the last run on hills! Is there anywhere a bit flatter you can go?

  • Sure there is, just did not look that steep when I was walking this route. :)

  • Great stuff onto week 3. Don't worry about the 5lb I'm sure it is water/ muscle. I read on here the other day muscle weighs 9 times more than fat. Blimey that's a big difference eh. I must admit I change my days around depending on what's happening with work & home life. I've ran today so will now go on Tuesday and Thursday this week all being well.

  • Thanks and I really do hope so. Bottom line is I feel great.

  • Well done !

    That looks a lovely place to run !

    Bring on Week 3 ! :-) xxx

  • Oh well done ench0. Another week over. You're not taking it easy are you?! Good luck for week 3 :)

  • Lovely post!!! Well done for doing it that way, I certainly won't have been able too on week 2!!!

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