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Oh Thank Goodness

Finally managed 5k today. Graduated about 3/52 ago, then went off on holiday for a week (prebooked - not a spur of the moment celebration!). Got back raring to go and for the next 4 or 5 runs struggled to get to 20mins. Really starting to despair, especially as swapping to mapmyrun showed my 30 min route was much nearer 5k than the 3k the cheap old pedometer I'd been using had been telling me. Last week decided to go back to the podcasts and start again at week 7. Went out today with week 8 - as soon as Laura said 5 mins to go I knew I could finish it and then went on through the warm down and beyond. So 36 mins and 5.3k - longest and furthest run ever. Hopefully whatever in my head was stopping me has now gone. Have to say if hadn't had this website may just have decided to stop at 20 min runs but now that longed for Parkrun is in sight again.

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Big congrats! Do blog when you do a parkrun, with all the gory details! :)


Congrats to you, you found what was needed, as Greeners said, please blog.

Ooh we are nosey ain't we!

All the best



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