Rewind - outdoors to treadmill...... went back to week 5 Day 1

After my first outing Saturday to the great outdoors and thinking OMG they said it would be different, but did not think it was that different, went from running 39 mins and completing 5K on treadmill to feeling it in the back of my throat as soon as I was on the get go. It would be easy to feel a bit naff that I just cant do what I was doing last week on the outside (and part of me does), but I went back out tonight as hubby had a busy day, so we did not go to the gym. Did 3 x 5 min runs and really needed that 3 min recovery period... think I will do this session a few more times before I step it up ... but I'm gonna keep on trucking


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  • Ha. Good for getting back out there. Perspective is everything isn't it? I've never done more than 3k on a treadmill. When I run outside, I can just automatically slow myself down when I'm getting tired. On a treadmill it just feels awkward and my pace is messed up. And I drip sweat, and I mean DRIP sweat, even though I know on average I'm running no faster than outside.

    Keep us posted on the outside journey. It's nice to be able to vary your routes, enjoy the fresh air and give yourself new challenges. I'm sure you'll be up to 5k outdoors in no time at all.

  • It is weird how we all differ, I think if I had slowed myself down I might have been walking backwards for Christmas hehe. I must say that I like using my app to see how far I have gone, split times etc and cant do that on the treadmil :-)

  • Oh the stats!!!! Yes I love that about the outdoor runs. I think that was my biggest disappointment with my first treadmill run. But I like that the treadmill forces consistency.

  • Don't be dishearten and keep plugging away. The great outdoors is challenging because it might not even see it but there will little inclines, it's also harder on you joints and I found I could get the pace right. Going back a few weeks and building up slowly you will get to and beyond the stage you are currently at in the gym. Keep going it's hard going from outdoors to indoors and indoors yo outdoors, well I think it is. Keep going as outdoors offers you something special.

  • It is funny as before I started to run I would have said my road was very flat, but you can deffo see it incline, I think I find it tricky because I am used to setting the speed on the treadmill and just going for it or ramming it up when I am in the last 60 sec. It a definite pace thing to get right and my knees are twinging a bit, but I will keep at it

  • Yeah keep on trucking!

    I've only ever run outdoors so can't comment on the differences and what's better etc - I just love running outdoors and being as I can't afford to go to a gym (and have no desire to) it's perfect for me.

    YOU'RE sticking with the running that's the main thing - keep it up :-)


  • I do like the gym as it is something that me and hubby do together and I love the classes - I especially love the sauna and steam when I have a relax - we go 3 to 4 times a week, so we save some money on out water bill by using up all their hot water hehe xx

  • I found it hard running on a treadmill, I can't get the pace right and I'm a sweaty blob in no time! Outside is my preference for variety, it can be endless- go run somewhere beautiful! That will get you!

  • I find the pace easy on the treadmill - how different we all are, I do love the countryside and the beauty of nature, think I chose the wrong time of year to enjoy as much as I would in the spring/summer months :D - but looking forward to that :D

  • Download that tune and keep running. Keep on truckin baby, keeeeeeeep on truckin ... the late, great Eddie Kendricks, will be cheering you on from his celestial cloud

    I'm same as you PinkAngel, can't afford gyms or treadmills so it's the great outdoors. I feel so much richer though as I'm running outside!!!! I run past two gyms and watch those poor souls running like hamsters and wishing they'd get outside and join me. I think it makes running so much more enjoyable. It shouldn't be a chore, it should be liberating and fun. Ok so it's warm and dry inside but I wouldn't swap it for all the tea in China

    Oh I'm off now, you got me going! LOL

  • It wouldn't cross my mind to go to a gym. I said to my team today that I am looking forward to a proper cold run in the morning - I'm determined not to let the cold stop me going out! Let's hope I manage it now..

  • I suppose that is where I am lucky on my hamster wheel as I overlook the water and see the sailing boats go by (well at the weekends and lighter evenings).. but I get what you are saying. Hope you enjoyed your run :D

  • I suppose that is where I am lucky on my hamster wheel as I overlook the water and see the sailing boats go by (well at the weekends and lighter evenings).. but I get what you are saying. Hope you enjoyed your run :D

  • I'm the same - can't afford gyms but did wonder whether to look into using the one at our local college over the winter. However, I've found that running along an urban road (rather than through pitch black countryside!) to be surprisingly pleasant - found one with a wide verge for the plog-dog and am enjoying it. I feel a real sense of camaraderie when another jogger goes past (well, Laura does say I am now a runner after all!). I'm now on Week 7 and taking it steady ... but getting there!

    Keep going - don't give up. (I'm repeating Wk 7 to give my knees time to get used to the longer run.)

  • You are indeed a runner - well done Kellywillow - i think I need to find a few nice running routes - I know what you mean about the knees :D

  • bummer or what Jude but keep at it :D I have only run outside , gym's don't appeal to me really but must be harder to adapt from one to the other which either way you go .. bottom line you are still running so a big PLUS :D :D

  • Think you sum it up well there SR - big plus all round :D

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