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W4 finished & loving it!

Did W4R3 this morning and found it easy enough - not out of breath and legs still moving. Have had a little bit of shin pain this week which has forced me out of my 15 year old trainers and into a new pair. Can't wait to try them out on Monday!

I measured myself and weighed myself after my run this morning and am now 11st 9lbs (down from 11st 13lbs last Wed). Measurements are 40, 35,41 (down from 41, 35, 43). Not too concerned about waist measurement as it is always the last bit of me to slim down! 1 chocolate biscuit eaten, 2 digestive biscuits eaten, no sweets and no crisps since last Wednesday, but did indulge in a few glasses of vino at the weekend.

I must say this program is amazing! I feel lighter, more athletic, more toned, positive and my general mood is far better than it was before. I am not as tired in the evenings - I actually ironed one night at 9pm! I've never done that before!

Looking forward to next week. Good luck to everyone!

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Wow thats brilliant, well done. :-)

I should have just completed week 4 today, but came down with a pretty good head cold on the weekend so that stopped me going jogging. I felt better today so repeated the last run of week three and was doing really good until that last minute of the last run and I seem to be fight for air. I must say I am a bit worried a bout next week.


Hope your cold clears away off soon! It's easy to say, but try not to worry. Just give it your best shot and try and keep going. I never thought in a million years that I could run for 5 minutes - I used to joke that I couldn't run the length of my shadow at noon. You can do it!


Who knew doing chores in the evening would be a benefit of running. :D

I had minor shin and knee issues in the early weeks, but the pains did gradually lessen until they were completely gone around week 4 or 5. Hopefully that'll be the case for you, too.

You're making great progess, carry on!


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