Week 9 Run 3 tonight......!!!! I've totally done it!

Not my fastest and not my furthest but I wanted to enjoy it, and I did, just about! It was easier than Run 2 but harder than Run 1. But the last 5 minutes a feeling of just happiness washed over me!

I'm so proud of myself for doing this; I have run 3 times a week on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last 9 weeks, without exception. In the past I've ALWAYS found excuses not to do exercise plans - not any more! I'm thankful I've managed to complete the programme without any real injury (*fingers crossed* for the future; I know I need to work on my core and flexibility to prevent this). I'm 100% sure this forum is a huge part of me getting through this; if I hadn't found all of you I think I would have just lost interest. So THANK YOU.

The best bit for me was Laura's confident words in the last 60 seconds of the podcast: "You can do this. You can definitely do this." It summed up how I felt very well. I'd almost go so far as to say this whole experience has turned me from a "Can I do this..?!" person to an "I can do this!" person, which is quite something. This is the first sporty thing in my life I've ever been really proud of doing.

My whole sessions (walk + run + walk) now are almost exactly 5K, each time!

What's next? Haven't thought so far ahead yet; I'm going to either run on Sunday or Monday (may go out with my partner but will try not to compare myself to *~Mr Sporty~* himself too much!) My short term aims are getting to the 5K in 30 minutes of running goal (I suppose that might take ages? No idea) and a Park Run - feeling quite nervous about running in a crowd though!

Until next time, folks! Happy running!

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  • Congratulations 😊😊😊😊😊

    Take some time to bask in your achievement.

    Well done. Keep running 😊

  • Thank yoooou! :)

  • Fantastic Sarah, well done you! You must feel elated! I hope you stick around on the forum while continuing your running adventures. Happy running graduate, the world is ya oyster! :-D

  • Thank you Mimsickle! Don't worry, I'm sticking around, I'll not be gotten rid of that easily :D It will be you before you know it!

  • I do hope so! :-D

  • I know so!

  • :-)

  • Well done Sarah on your Graduation !

    Many Congratulations and I bet you feel absolutely FAB-U-LOUS ! :-)

    Wear that shiny badge with pride, you have earned it ! xxx

  • Thanks so much!

    Badge came more quickly than expected (within minutes) - I don't feel ready to wear it yet, ha! Oh well, I've got it now! Hooray!

  • Well done. Yes, it turns out to be about much more than just the running in the end, doesn't it? I think the problem with the traditional way of dealing with sporty things is that sport and athleticism have been equated (especially in something like running, and certainly at schools). It's great that there are people who excel at the various sports, and get their kicks from them that way, but it's a pity that this only makes it worthwhile to less than 1% of humanity (other than as something you must suffer to avoid some other, worse, harm.) I could even see that from something like c25k you might find other sports growing to be things that can be enjoyed for a variety of reasons instead of just the one we really have. Get fit by running, and you're able to go and do something like touch rugby (something I've gone and done for fun while unfit - it's a much, much, much more forgiving environment than the football one, basically -- nobody screams at you because after the ball bounced off your face, the kid who kicked it there scored a goal; everyone knows they might have also missed that tackle, or dropped the ball when those gorillas picked you up and flung you through the air).

    But enough of these generalities. Well done on your graduation. Well done on finding some happiness in running, itself, to keep you going when the other stuff lets you down. Enjoy the well earned satisfaction.

  • Thanks, as always, Gary! Your comments are always very motivational and thought-provoking - It hadn't occurred to me that this could open windows to other sports, but you're right, I suppose it will! Exciting stuff!

  • Hooray!! Congratulations! I hope you're on top of the world right now! 🌏😊

    Well done you!

  • Congrats on finishing c25k. I'm 3 months down the line and only just did my first parkrun. I have to admit I was worried about going on my own, so waited until I could go to one with a friend. But it was a really friendly atmosphere so I needn't have worried. You're running alongside different people all the way through, and you get to really see the effort everyone else is putting in, makes you realise how focused you must be yourself too. Also, if you can't run a full 5k yet, then a parkrun will still be manageable because (A) lots of people walk/run the course and (B) you may find you get pulled along by the crowd and that this is what gets you to 5k. All in all I recommend not leaving it 3 months like I did :)

  • Well done and congrats :)

  • Congratulations!! Well done x

  • Well done Sarah, that's brilliant. As for what you do next, why not spend a couple of weeks running the w9 podcast to consolidate your 30 minutes running and then try the c25k+ podcasts. It's still Laura but more challenging. Parkrun is a great idea too. You could also think about signing up for a 5k race or fun run in a couple of months time. It's great to have a goal to work towards. Try not to get too hung up on the 5k in 30minutes thing. Lots of people never get there, whilst others find speed comes gradually as you get stronger and fitter. Many congratulations on your graduation :)

  • So happy for you. Very many congratulations! I hope to feel as good as you when I get there, hopefully on Sunday x

  • Woo-hoo! Well done, you! Massive congratulations on completing the programme - your achievment has got me all fired up again for my run this evening - W7R2- and reminded me that I'm only 2 and a bit weeks away from my own graduations.

    Parkrun would be a great way to keep you running at least once a week with a target in mind, and a means of tracking your progress accurately, then perhaps add in a couple more just for the sheer joy of running!

    Brilliant! :)

  • So super! I'm really happy for you. Well done!!!! P.s., I was another person who alway found excuses not to do exercise programs.

  • Well done you. See you CAN do it πŸ˜‰ can I suggest you try the C25k + next. It just gives you the Laura reassurance and keeps on with the trend. I still use her even now after 9 months. She sets good Rhythm and keeps you going still. Anyway try her out. Once again well done and keep up the good running. Jase 😊

  • Congratulations on your achievement ! The shiny badge is looking good - the running adventures start here - keep us posted ! x

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