Week 4 & Loving it

I wanted to gush here, as my partner is getting sick of my new running obsession!!

The last time I ran was in 2006, I know this for sure because when I left high school I left the running behind! So 10 years later and 10 years of laziness was really showing its stuff, however I'm getting married this year and would like to look a little less wobbly in my wedding photos. I started to google 'running for beginners' and quite by accident stumbled onto the 'couch to 5K' and can honestly say it is the best thing to ever come out of a google search! I have my first dress fitting in April and christmas over ran for me so I'm pushing myself harder than I would have done before. I'm starting to feel it, particularly in my knees. But last night I hauled my tired ass out and completed Wk4R1 and the high I felt after being able to run for 5 minutes continuously was insane. I've never felt that good about life. I swear I thought I'd never do it, but I did! I know that there are going to be bad runs but I'm so engrossed in this program I'll keep going on regardless. I truly was one of those people who think people who enjoy exercise are completely nuts, there's no such things as a post workout high... and initially I was just doing this because I thought it'd help me lose weight and be healthy. Now I'm doing it because I'm in love with it!!

I'm sure i'll share my new life love with you all plenty more times in the future. But for now, going to get back to googling running shoes ;)



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15 Replies

  • Quick! Someone hide her credit card!

    Great to hear your enthusiasm. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

    Be careful though, because before you know it you'll have more running shoes and clothing than "normal" clothing. I looked in my wardrobe recently and I think I need to admit that I have a problem :-D

  • No one hide the credit card, I need to catch up with my other half who has a wardrobe dedicated to walking gear...! I need to invest in some decent running gear, I'm currently running in the baggiest trackies anyone has ever seen, but I want to prove I can stick to this before I spend too much! Doesn't stop me frequenting the trainer sections in sports stores like some weird trainer stalker though.....

  • OOOps... like all of us here.. well and truly hooked.. and the running shoe googling.. that is just the beginning!

    We had a survey last year, to see just how much running gear we all have :) A lot!!!!

    Well done you... and if you want to gush..keep posting your runs..slow and steady is the way, that will get you to Graduation injury free:)

    We are a friendly bunch and love to hear everyone' running tales... lots of good advice too if you ever need it.. So welcome.. and gush away! :)

  • The injury free part is the part playing on my mind atm! I've always had a weak right knee and the left compensates so currently using quite a bit of KT tape to support them, hoping eventually with strength exercises and the running I'll build up some supportive muscles and need to rely on the tape a little less!

    P.S today I might google fitbits...

  • A good knee support can be helpful and there are a lot of knee exercises on the NHS site.. too..:)

    I had a twingy left knee... but found simple exercise helped.. that and stopping my Tigger bounce running shoes :)

    Good Luck..

  • Brilliant post ! Yes I felt the same. I used to think to my shame when watching runners "Another mad one. Mo Farah has no worries". now I'm the "Mad one".

    Like most here I couldn't run for a bus but could now beat the bus home !!

    It's the great sense of achievement, doubly so in this weather, and health and well being that is great ! Now can regularly run 6 1/2 K 3 times a week for about 40 to 45 minutes. I may not do much more than that, have no intention to do marathons but has become a good habit that I can't give up.

    Well done. keep us all posted

  • Gush away..we love hearing and talking about all things running on here..

    You should be much more toned for April for your dress fitting..how exciting..and if you eat healthily and sensibly (which you have 2 very good reasons to do 1.Wedding 2. Running😊) you should see some weightloss too.

    Keep posting your run reports if it helps we all know how it feels.

    Onwards and upwards.😊xx

  • The wedding is a great motivator atm, but I'm lining up 5k's etc for after so I don't stop once I'm hitched!

  • Don't just google running shoes - go to a running shop and get fitted properly! :D

    Do gush here - you're in company which understands and shares the joy! :) (And the occasional pain and frustration too - and the folks here are absolutely fab at picking each other up, dusting them down, and helping them get going again!)

  • Brilliant! I love your positivity :) Congrats on your upcoming wedding too!

  • What a great post. 👍🏃‍♀️ Welcome to the "club"

    As I read through your post I thought of something I read the other night:

    "I don't run because I love running - I run because I love living!"

    May you have lots of post run highs.

    I agree with RainbowC now is a great time to go to a proper running shop & get a gait analysis done & then the shoes which are right for you. You can normally just turn up, you'll be asked to take your socks & shoes off, roll up trouser legs & run on a treadmill for a minute or so. And then you'll be advised which kind of shoes you need. The gait analysis will be free. (At least it is here!) So Google "running shops near me" instead. 😉

  • I know what you mean about partner getting fed up with the running obsession. That's why I share my runs in here, as I don't want to bore my family to death.

    Keep us updated with how it's going. No one ever gets bored of running this forum.

  • I'm getting in after a run, buzzing, high fives all round and stretching all over the place... I think being fed up of that is kind of understandable... ;)

  • I love the idea of stretching all over the place! I took up yoga recently and found myself deepening a lunge across the kitchen, on Friday, having not gone for a couple of weeks!

  • haha brilliant! I have to stretch or my knees don't like me.

    I like the idea of yoga, I'd rather do it at home though, I'm not very bendy and will probably fall a lot! lol

    I do randomly break out into squats.. and normally during conversations about mundane things like, 'what do you want for dinner?', 'I don't know but I can squat in front of you if that helps'

    It doesn't help... just induces hanger =/

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