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W4 R3 .... nailed it!

No it wasn't pretty. No it wasn't stylish. No it wasn't smooth.

Yes it involved a lot of shouting at Laura. Yes it involved a lot of telling no one in particular that 'quitting wont get you anything' and yes I cried.

But ... I did it and yes I'm proud of my red face. I am even more proud of the smile on the face of the male driver who passed me as I did a little victory jump in the air when I had finished. You've gotta love doing the last 2.5 mins of your workout on a main road.

This is one lady with a very large, red, grin on her face.

To all my week 4 companions, hope you had great runs and I'll see you next week :)

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Well done as you say a lovely achievement. The weeks after this zip along - so enjoy them :-)


Well done! This will be me next week....I'm scared!

You're almost there now


Thank you Friedfrog .... you'll rock. I found it hard, I wont lie, but the sense of achievement when you finish and can still stand up (and jolly well 'walk outta there') is amazing. Go get em tiger!


congrats!! this will be me on friday - eeeeek!!


You can do it :)


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