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Week 6 Run 2

How on earth did I manage 20 minutes last week? I found today so tough that I can't remember!

I didn't consciously push myself today, but I think I must have started the first 10 minute run too fast because I was huffing and puffing a little before I even reached the five minute mark. I did start on a downhill slope, so I think that may have made me a little too ambitious!

I'm definitely not ready to speed things up at all. I made it all the way through but I felt awful doing so and my legs hurt more than they ever have.

I certainly am not finding it easier, Laura!

I do feel a little lightheaded right now, too, so I think I may need to break out the iron tablets again. I do have reoccurring problems with anaemia so I can imagine that a drop in my haemoglobin levels will not help my running stamina at all. I've been pretty well since I started this programme but I shouldn't assume that will always be the case and should try and nip that in the bud before it becomes a problem!

As for Wednesday...well, another slow and steady run is needed with absolutely no ambitious starts! I shan't underestimate those 25 minutes!

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I found all of week 6 really tough after the elation of W5R3, start of a bit slower and give yourself a chance to recover. I regularly take the slow-release iron tablets - runners are apparently more prone to iron deficiency so if, like me, you've had problems with anaemia already you probably need the extra supplement. If you keep feeling light headed it might be worth getting it checked.

Good luck with your next run :-)


It's good to hear that someone else with anaemia issues hasn't been held back! One of my main concerns with starting these podcasts was if I could handle it when my iron levels dropped. I guess making sure I keep on top of it and regularly taking my tablets should let me complete the programme!


I really struggled for a while but having minor surgery (endometrial ablation) helped me, I do still need the supplements though.


I agree, week 6 was a killer for me too. I think it was the walking again. Week 7 is easier for not having those breaks. Keep going!


I'm glad it's not just me! This forum has been an absolute blessing for helping me realise that I'm not alone in my struggles! I would have probably given up very quickly if I hadn't been able to read posts on here and reassure myself that I'm actually doing fine and that my struggles are not failures but familiar hurdles for so many others!

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I also found w6r2 hard. w6r1 was the best ever after w5r3, and then the next time was like my body was going "you want me to do what ?". Hang in there !


Completed W6R2 last night, and yep, this week feels a bit odd after W5R3. I'm thinking of it that W5 built up to a solid block of running, and W6 is just doing this too, albeit a longer block.

Right through this programme, I have tried not to focus on the point that Laura will tell me to stop. Instead, I have either tried to focus on how far I have run (patting myself on the back as I go), or just tried to 'be in the moment' as I run, ie not thinking about when she is going to stop me. That certainly got me through W5R3, and hopefully it will get me through W6R3.

Best of luck for your 25mins on Wednesday and don't push yourself to 'speed things up'- there will be plenty of time for working on speed once you have completed the programme!


Another vote here for hating week 6 but head down stick with it, now on week 8 and following distance not time goals and running for 2.75 miles 40minutes :) keep at it.


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