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I dropped me secret sweetie!!

So, went out today after doing a few stretches for me sciatica as directed by our lovely admin guy. I think I 'll have to do them in private next time as the kitten was trying to jump on me back ....

Went out all lumbered up and did final run before starting my nemesis week. It went ok. I had to come up with a mantra for the last running bit to distract me -it went 'bangers and mash, red wine. Bangers and mash, red wine....'. Guess what I had waiting for me :-)

But I had to go to the shop for obligatory loo roll replenishment on way home so went in and as I got me money out, my secret sweetie fell out :-( :-( and double :-(

I couldn't even pick it up under the two second rule as it went into a sticky patch of something I couldn't identify. So I had to walk away....

What a disaster !

Made it home in quick smart time-bangers wait for no one!

Nemesis here I come Sunday! Grrr! Hear my roar!!

Keep running everyone!

Ali :-)

Ps--- to make up for the secret sweetie disaster, I had a spoonful of nutella when I finished me bangers an mash ;-)

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What is it about cats? When using my treadmill i have to lock the cats out of the room as they try to sabotage my run by either standing directly behind me meowing where i cant see them without unbalancing and flying off the treadmill or they go up on the windowsill either side of me and start knocking things off to distract me! Im sure they are trying to kill me ;) Cant wait for the lighter evenings and build up the courage to venture out and run (jog) in the real world!


Love the mantra :D And you'll get there next week, I have no doubt!


cheers Anniemurph! Im getting sweaty and nervous just thinking about it!! I shall conquer it though, with the help of all your support.

:-) ali


Noooo - secret sweetie disaster - how traumatic for you! Good luck with nemesis week - send it packing! :)


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