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Getting back out there... even me ears got sweaty!!

Hi all, it's been a while! For that, I apologise. I've been keeping an eye on the community in my absence, you're all doing so well.

But as for myself-- well I'm kicking my butt!! Truly.

Had some difficult stuff to deal with at New Year which threw me sideways to some tune. but...... I'm hoping to be back with you guys like before. Start afresh. Continue to annoy you with my progress but hoping to spur you on too!

Went out and did week 3 run again as its been that long. Felt ok. Not easy, but ok. Bloody cold around the ears though!!

Ran past a few groups of youths who I'm sure we're laughing at my lardy bum, but hell, with my earphones on and my wish not to keel over and die in me skin tight running pants and woolly hat (and before I had my secret sweetie of course), I kept going.

I made it home and actually had breath to tell the other half to get out the way as I needed a drink! Progress!

Sitting here now, I'm glad I went out and am continuing in this journey.

I need to get back in to it for myself and because a drunken (sorry) promise has been made in respect of a charity run in May and another promise to my lovely sister in law that I'll join her this year on a charity hike in july!!


I shall keep running my fellow journeyman, as will you

:-) Auntie Ali

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Hey! Welcome back Ali! Good to hear you are back out there again! :) Glad you still have your stash of secret sweeties too!! :D ;)

You will be fine for May; slow and steady does it.....

Sue :)


Welcome back, secret sweetie stash and al! Great to see you posting again.


Welcome back, glad you have got back out running. Secret sweetie stash now why didn't I think of that? :-) good luck with your next run


Welcome back! Sorry to hear you had some difficult stuff to deal with, but it's lovely to see you again and you'll be back on track in no time :)


thanks all!! appreciate your replies very much.

i must admit to aching a little today - just a tad to remind me that I went out last night and busted a little gut getting through it :-)

but, Im glad i went out.

thanks again.



Hi AunieAli I know where you are coming from, over Xmas, new year and family commitments my running went AWOL then the weather, tried the treadmill at local gym and hated it, so have done lots of walking which I love . But today lovely morning went out and did week 5 run 2 and after the second 8 mins I carried on jogging for the 5 mins walk, still very slow but at 74 I don't care, I got out there. Well done to you for doing the same. Pat :-)


Gosh, well done Pat for the extra running!! I can't imagine tagging on an extra step never mind minutes at the minute!! You're doing so well after your break from running.

It's great to know via this community that were not alone in both doing this and in life in general.

Hearsay to us and our fellow returnees for getting back off the couch!

The lovely sunning mornings and evenings help :-)

Keep running! Keep us posted on your next runs too.

Ali :-)


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