Might be hard to keep a secret (w1r3)

My younger daughter is now in on the secret. Whilst dear husband was out for the morning we synchronised mp3 players and headed for the hills. As we briskly walked down the path on our warm up she was muttering that she never thought she'd be spending her Saturday mornings trying to get her mother fit. By the time we got to the second run the dog had decided c25k was not for her and nothing but being carried would get her past the third run. What a sight we must have been - child running almost out of sight, mother wheezing along behind with a reluctant dog digging her heels in even further behind. By the 6th minute run I was definitely having second thoughts about the wisdom in starting this but it's the encouragement of people on this website that make me think I've got to keep going. Laura's great, chipping in at just the right time but I'm a bit apprehensive about downloading week 2. Should I stick with week 1 until it gets easier or just go for it?

As we were into the home straight we were spotted by a friend who commented that it looked like it was hard work as we jogged past. The dog had got the scent of home and was racing ahead, ears flapping as she ran. By then we were giggling so much it was hard to keep going. Hard to keep a straight face between us when hubby asked if he could pass on my running shoes to someone else as they weren't being used. Think he might suspect we're up to something but I'd love to be a bit fitter before I reveal the secret, at the moment I just ache everywhere! Please tell me it gets better and that week 2 is nothing to worry about.


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7 Replies

  • Well done for all your hard work and go for it, go for wk 2, Laura will help, not that you need it by the sounds of how much fun you had. Wk2 is do able, not as bad as you imagine.

  • Sounds like you having a good time! Wish I was giggling at the end of my runs! Go for w2 I bet you'll suprise yourself! Good luck with the secret!

  • Liked your account of your morning run, made me laugh. I think you should just go for it if the dog will agree.

  • can picture the scene... Lol :) agree with the good people above go on to Wk2. I've finished wk2 in the demanding Northumberland hills and coastline (was away for work) and survived by giggling too at the madness. Wk2 is fine, less runs but 90 secs, the walks are 2 mins so that might persuade the dog it's a good idea :) looking forward to your next instalment...

  • Oh, wanted to ask - what is your reluctant hound called? :)

  • You finished week one! What more do you want? Go for it. :-D

    Trust the force Luke..........or something like that.......

    The program will look after you, if that doesn't sound too sinister.

  • go for week 2 , i downloaded the whole programme, just completed week1 so i am starting week 2 monday. my boy is 10 and loves his sport he came with me and really helped although he wanted me doing all the football warmups sprinting as well, i said i will just stick with the jogging and walking for now , we are going to synchronise ipods next time , looking forward to seeing how you get on.

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