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W3r2 secret running and waving


Maybe munching a prawn sandwich beforehand wasn't the best idea, maybe it was running with a cold, but I really couldn't get into my stride today. Poppy dog wasn't keen either. After so much rain during the day the paths were too muddy for a little white fluffy dog to keep clean (she hates getting wet feet). I slipped and hurt my ankle so hobbled through the first 3min run. At the halfway point I've never seen Poppy turn round and head for home so fast ( it was raining by then). We managed the next run at a more even pace but I'm sorry to report that along with the water (cup of tea) recommended by Laura at the end I also raided the chocolate biscuits ... might need to repeat this run. On the plus side, Poppy raises smiles fom the other dogwalkers as she chases alongside me. I also got to see the 'plane taking my eldest daughter to France and waved dementedly until it disappeared behind the clouds. Just as well I'm a secret c25k-er, anyone seeing me might have thought I was mad.

PS Ache all over. Can a woman get man flu?

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if a woman gets man flu it's a very very serious condition indeed! Possible hospitalisation... you take care of yourself

Mines a glass of milk followed by a cup of tea :) and dark choc digestives ;)

Beckipeg in reply to Bxster

Thanks for the encouragement. Lots of cups of tea being drunk today (and I finished the choc biscuits).


Mines lots of water and a bowl of cereal not nearly as nice as dark choc digestives (a favourite of mine but can't have them in the house as eat a packet at a time lol) but then I am running at 5.30am!

Hope the aches go soon and you are feeling better

Beckipeg in reply to AliB1

Bowl of cereal, what a good idea. No choc biscuits left in the house, had to feed a cold as I don't have a fever to starve. Stood on the scales today and found I'd gained 2lb since starting C25K - better not get any more choc biscuits ... back to honey and lemon for now.

AliB1Graduate in reply to Beckipeg

totally go with feed a cold!


hope the ankle doesnt give you any trouble.

just wondered, are you still managing to keep this secret from hubby??

hmmmmm. chocolate biscuits :) another secret

Hubby still doesn't know although he must be wondering why my running shoes have been dug out of the cupboard. Almost let it slip when I said I'd taken Poppy dog for a run yesterday. It helps that I work part-time so can try and fit my run in when he's out. At weekends I try and sneak out while he's out on his (much longer) marathon training run - just have to make sure I don't go on the same route as him!

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