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A runner appreciation secret beep?

This might just be me, but since I started running every time I see a jogger on the street while driving, I have an overwhelming urge to bib them in support. Now I realise that bibbing lone joggers is A Very Bad Plan. So I'm wondering if we can come up with a secret jogger's bib that is recognisable to other joggers? This sounds bonkers I know. But it's getting to the point I'm going to start winding down my window and shouting "we'll done" or "keep it up" at them.

Is my urge for showing support a little misplaced and inappropriate here? Should I just save it for the forum?

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I'm obsessed with spotting joggers lol! Everytime I see one I check out what they're wearing & how fast they are running. I'm glad its not just me! :)


Me too..... :O))


On Sunday someone shouted "Go girl!" at me from their car but I was unsure how to take it, were they being sarcastic? I decided to take it as a compliment. :-)


I look out for joggers too! Would feel self conscious if someone beeped me, but I totally understand your desire for a code of encouragement!


I slowed down to let a runner cross the road the other day so he didn't have to wait. I think he must have known that I'm a runner too, only another runner would have done that :D


I always let a jogger cross the road (if its safe to do so). I'm thinking though that you may shout out of the car window "Go on keep going, or you can do it" and that running could be a marathoner with an incredible time - ooopppppssss :)


I totally agree the feeling when you see another runner - infact it was seeing several of them one night that I decided that I could do it too.....

Someone should do the I {Heart} running car stickers - and we can put them in the windscreen/side windows/reader windows....

.. or (apologies to anyone under 40)!

.... Runners do it in the rain

.... Runners do it on a morning/evening

.... Runners last longer on grass

.... I went for an hour last weekend

Malcy - there's some more stuff here for the running club!


Haven't forgotten - just up to the eyes with marking right now. Hoping to make some progress after that's finished (deadline next Wednesday)


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