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The secret is out!!


I always wanted to reveal my secret running affair to my family around Easter but due to the Beast from the East and Beast from the East 2 - Ice and Snow return! I lost valuable running time which has now left me with 5 runs to graduation.

I kinda suspected my other half was getting suspicious after the family bought me a GPS watch because i was taking my 'walking' serious and as he is an ultra runner he knows about pace. After a few questions at the end of our Easter week away i had to reveal my secret and where i was up to. Even though i have not yet graduated he was so pleased and said how proud he was of me for doing this and trying to do it alone. I told him i wasnt alone, i told him all about this site and how everyone had supported me even through the low parts and he was blown away! Ive never seen his face light up so much and he said he couldnt wait to go for a run with me. I did say im not ready for that yet but i will be something for me to look forward to. He now wants to get me some decent running trainers and gear as he says i deserve it. Not sure im ready for that either as i would like to lose some weight first before donning the lycra lol.

As for the kids.....whoa! They were so thrilled they jumped on me and hugged me so tight. They couldnt believe i had been geting up at 7am whilst on holiday to run without telling them lol. They now want me to do a 5k colour dash run with them. Oh my days what have i let myself in for??

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Ah it must be nice to share it with them finally. 🤗 you've done fabulously on your own 👍 let him get you proper shoes, they make a big difference. 😁🏃‍♀️


I am so pleased

I can feel your excitement 🤩🏃‍♀️🤗

New trainers and family support. No stopping you!!!

Of all of the secrets to have kept, this for sure was the best. Well done you on getting this far and now you know your graduation can be celebrated in your proper family and also your running family on here. Brilliant, fab, great, amazing.

Just a wonderful thing you have done.


What a lovely post! You've managed to keep it secret all this time and everyone is so pleased for you. Fantastic! You'll have a wonderful graduation and plenty of fun times ahead by the sounds of it. Lovely stuff :)

Oh C1air3 your secret runs are no secret anymore!😄...

I agree with jojo, let him treat you to some proper running shoes....

It must be lovely to have your kids and hubby so proud of you! 😊

Onwards and upwards 😊xx


What a fantastic reception! And definitely do a colour run - it’s he only kind of run I’ve managed to get my girls to join me in, but great fun!

Ooooo how lovely they now know and they're reactions must have given you a huge boost. Well done u!


Woah! What a great team you have there at home, it’s great that they are all so proud of you and your amazing achievement!

Wear your new trainers and running gear with pride 🙂 and we’ll all be looking out for your next 5 runs - countdown to graduation, GO YOU! X


Love, love, love your post!! What a fantastic reception from your family. The colour dash sounds great fun...go on, do it! 😁

Oh c1air3, I’m SO happy! I’ve been waiting for this post😁 (and who cares if it’s before graduation?!) personally, I think that’s a good thing because you’ll have SO much support for it.

I hope you’re really proud of yourself, your family certainly are. Good luck with the last 5 runs😘👍

Liz x

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ c1air3, I hear a brand new, well earned pair of trainers calling your name. 5 runs away! You're so amazing! ✋❤️️☀️


How fantastic, you deserve to be treated. 🎉🍾👏

What a lovely supportive family you have! ❤️. Get that gait analysis done and wear your new trainers with pride. 🏃🏼‍♀️

I love this post, you have a lovely family who sound so supportive, may you all have many Happy runs together.

That's brilliant. They must be so proud of you. Well you know they are!!!


That's so sweet!


What a fabulous and inspiring post! Well done on getting this far, graduation is just around the corner. What a lovely family you have too, it’s great that they want to share your achievements with you. Get yourself off to a running shop and get some shiny new tea, you’ve earnt them!


Thank you to everyone, you have and still do give so much support and have helped me achieve this lovely surprise for my family. I think i might go for those trainers lol and will of course keep you all updated on my last five!!

Graduation here i come!!!


My hubby's also an ultra runner (and an ex paratrooper) and I thought half an hour of walking/slow jogging would have been really frustrating for him, but he's been an absolute star and my biggest supporter - we've done every run together so far with our two dogs and I don't know if I'd have always got out of bed if I hadn't had the incentive of going with them!

c1air3Graduate in reply to bally187

Its hard isnt it because you think they wont be interested but they are and so supportive 😀

What a lovely reaction from your family! Go on let him take you shopping 👟


Clair Im so happy for you! I’ve got teary eyed reading that ! Really glad they all know now so you can have all the extra support you so deserve! X


First time last night I've gone out with the family knowing what I'm doing! 😀

My daughters wanted to come with me so I thought it would make it easier.......I was wrong lol!

For the first time ever in this programme I got stitch and it hurt like hell. I guessed I was going too fast, probably trying to keep up lol


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