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W8 R2 - 30 mins by accident!

After Mondays struggle I thought I'd try and change it up a bit because that music really wasn't inspiring me. I covered the display (as usual) and stayed with Laura until the 'five minutes in' prompt and then I switched to my playlist and hit shuffle, sooo much better, I even managed some breathless singing along to some of it (I'll apologise to the neighbours tomorrow and see how much it costs to soundproof the garage)

I knew I had to do another 23 minutes and roughly worked out that that would be about 6 or 7 tunes. I hate looking at the time because it seems to go so slow and the gremlins start pecking at my head so the plan was to keep going until the end of the 6th, then uncover the display and struggle on for the last minute or so until I hit 33 (including the 5 minute warm up walk).

Lo and behold, Maroon 5 were just warbling their last few bars and the display said 35 minutes - I nearly fell off the back of the bloody hamster wheel!

So...4 more just like that and the shiny green badge might just be mine!

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Great idea!


Isnt it great when quite accidentally that happens and you discover you have done more than you anticipated... I had the same yesterday on my W7R2.....Laura suddenly said, try to push for the last 60 seconds and I practically flew with delight...

Keep going...Well done :)


Well done, I try to avoid the clock and count the sounds and it helped. Was still hard tho so that's fab!


Brilliantly run, Khrissy! What a lovely surprise to find you'd done all that extra. :)

Sparkly green badge waiting for you...


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