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W8 R2 - done but mixed feelings at the moment

So the last couple of weeks have been a bit manic with kids being ill, a lot of social events and work being busy, the result of which meant that I had a whole week off from running twice. This seems to have impacted me and made the runs harder but I also feel like I'm not enjoying it as much as I did before.

I did the first 28 minute run on Tuesday and it was so hot. It was the first time I've run in the warm weather and it really affected me. I wanted to stop after 5 minutes and no idea how I soldiered on for 28 minutes. I felt really shaky afterwards and a bit down.

I think another problem is I went to watch a friend run the marathon on Sunday and was so inspired and blown away by the atmosphere that I've got it into my head that I would like to run it next year. Because I then found the 28 minute run a struggle, I started to think how will I ever be able to run a marathon ?? I guess I'm thinking too far ahead and putting too much pressure on myself.

Tonight's run went better (cooler weather). I decided to hit the street rather than the park as I seem to run faster (I speed up when I have to go past a busy area!!). I was really pleased to hit 4.56km so not too far off the 5k now.

So I'm on track but feeling a bit deflated. Am going to try and catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend to motivate me as not been on for a while. Well done to everyone who's graduated.

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Good result, LondonKel. 4.56K is really good in W8! :D

Please don't feel deflated... firstly, you ran a good time; secondly, you didn't let life get in the way and give you an excuse to give it all up; and thirdly, you're so close to graduating now... We all get those bad runs, low periods, etc. Go back and read your earlier blogs, such as your W5R2

The marathon would be a great goal for next year, but for now, put things in perspective and really celebrate the fact that after just 8 weeks or so you've gone from 0K to almost 5K, 0 minutes running to 28 minutes. I'm no mathematician, but the percentage increase must be mindblowing. :D


Believe me, I've been deflated more than inflated on many occasions....especially after my break when I found it very tough to get back to where I was. But it does happen, and I've begun to enjoy my runs again and am actually running better than ever!

Con-brio is right, you could have just packed it in but you didn't. Don't put pressure on yourself, just relax and take each run as it comes. I think we can get a bit carried away sometimes and think we should be doing far more than we are. I've decided I'm just going to run as often as I can and if I'm doing well, that's fantastic but if not.....well,, so what? I'm still out there doing something!

I struggle with the heat and it's not even that hot right now so heaven knows how I'll cope if/when we get any real sunshine. I genuinely don't know how I'm going to deal with it but again, I'll wait and see - it may not be as bad as I'm imagining!

Good luck for your next run! :-)


Chin up! You're doing really well, close to graduation and running good distances in great times! I found my runs in the heat of early afternoon this week really hard, give me frost and snow any time!


I have never liked the heat (ginger nut) and the red sweaty face from running, on top of the red face from the heat is def not attractive! I had a much better feeling run in the Parkrun at 9am today, it was cooler and more manageable, even though I was tired!

Keep at it, run fast past those busy London bits (well done for running in the city too!) and enjoy! :-)


Hi all

Thank you for your lovely lovely comments ( and the link to my own blog :-D)

Sorry it's taken a while to reply but my kids are ill yet again. Had to take my son to the walk in at the hospital yesterday as he broke out in a measles-like rash :-(. They think its a viral infection but the my daughter got sick last night too so very rough night and day on the sofa today.

So no running again but just going to take all your comments on board and just run when I can and not focus too far ahead.

Thanks so much everyone - I knew I could rely on this board to pick me up

Kel x


Hi Kel,

I don't know if you'll see this post, but i just wanted to say hello and I hope the kids are better. I think you're doing brilliantly to manage at all with small children - it's bloody hard work without this on top (speaking as one in exactly the same position). I've had to take it slower too for various reasons but I'm only got one run left now and have been wondering how you were getting on as we were always at the same pace previously. Hope you are managing to get a few runs in where you can. Marathons can wait for a little while. By the way, I also struggled in a run where the streets were still warm from the daytime heat and that was at 9pm!


Hi Tati

Thank you so much for your post - really gave me a lift that you remembered me as I haven't been on here at all lately.

The kids were really poorly for a whole week after I last posted with the GP being an idiot telling me it wasn't measles then calling me back to say it might be. Took him back and they said no its not again and then called me hours later to say they'd changed their minds again and it might be! Ended up getting called by the Health Protection Agency who wanted him tested and sent me a testing kit in the post. Goodness knows when the results will come back - it was a complete farce.

So the running - Managed to get out last Sunday and did the final week of W8. It was really hard and I'm still not back to fully enjoying it yet - spent the whole time willing it to be over but distance was ok again (4.5k). I've got a lot going on with work at the moment so hoping it's just because I'm a bit stressed with that and the kids being ill. I'm going to do the first 30 minute run tomorrow night (I've put it in print now - I have to do it!)

Have put all thoughts of marathon to one side as recommended - don't want to put any more pressure on myself.

Well done on only 1 run to go - how did you find the 30 minutes? Have you got a plan for life after c25K? I was thinking of just increasing each week by 3 minutes.

Sorry this is a bit long - thanks again for looking out for me x


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