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W7R1 & 5K < 30 mins (just)

OK, this does not count as a 5K run as such, and I know RunKeeper is not the most accurate of distance measurer apps. But....

On Weds. morning I headed out on Week 7 Run 1. A brisk 5 minute walk, racking up 0.41miles, then my 25 minute run. Pace was a little quicker than W6R3, not intentionally, just ended up that way. As I reached my last 60 seconds I took up Laura's suggestion of stepping up the pace for the end. I found myself running a bit more freely, than the more 'mechanical jog' I had been doing. At 30 minutes RunKeeper and Laura chipped in together. Run complete. RunKeeper reported that I had run 3.14 miles, which by my reckoning is 0.04 miles over the 5K, or to put that into Metric 64m. That's 5K then by the finest of margins.

Not sure if anyone heard or saw me shout out, it was early still (07:20), but it was a great feeling. I can really do this.

I made damn sure I told all my colleagues over breakfast at the hotel. Smugness is definitely permitted, and the view from the moral high ground was mighty fine! :-)

(I've had a pretty gruelling 3.5 months working away every fortnight - 6 trips overseas in this period. The work has hardly been inspiring or motivating. CouchTo5K though has plugged the tediom, and given a sense of achievement that was otherwise lacking. Thanks to all the bloggers for helping to keep the experience alive. I have now entered the company fun run in 2 weeks for the first time. I have positively avoided this every year up until last year when I marshalled. This year I am running!).

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Smashing blog, smashing time too for 5K. Good luck with your company fun run. If your quick off the mark and order your Graduate T shirt you could wear it with pride and do some advertising at the same time ;)


Graduate T-Shirt? I didn't know there was such a thing. Where do they come from?

I won't quite be at W9R3 by then, but the run will probably be long enough to count. I just hope it is not too hot, as I normally run early in the morning.


Abso-bloody-lutely AMAZING! Workaholic award of the season due to you! Great that the running has kept the boredom and tedium gremlins at bay. There had better be some darned good marshals at this year's company fun run ... if they blink, they'll miss you! Well done :D


Working away does give me more variety in run routes, and that helps too. :-)


Hope this link to graduate t shirt works...

Hoping to order mine soon. Two runs to go for me!!!



Two runs! I'm sure you won't need any luck, but good luck anyway. Don't forget to blog 'I'VE DONE IT!!' :)


Thanks for link to T-shirt. I have 5 running shirts already, but will definitely get one of those.


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