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Reasons to be cheerful ...R2

Well I started W4 on Monday, keen to go up another level and raring to go,setting out at 8.30 am immediately realising it should have been earlier as it felt very warm.

I didn't like the first 3 minute run one bit, it came as a it of a surprise as I'd already managed it before on W3. I couldn't imagine how I'd be able to complete the next 5 minutes let alone the whole run.It felt so warm,my breathing was all over the place,I felt rubbish.Anyway I got on with it,hit a shady stretch and just chugged along. I got a bit miffed with Laura, there was some answering back and there might have been some swearing too.....Then just as the first 5 min run finished ,my MP3 died on me,so I swore some more,walked a bit and had a think about just giving up and walking home.I decided to carry on minus podcast ( maybe Laura was exacting some sort of revenge?) and started to run,

just glancing at my watch now and then to keep time .I ended up doing a bit extra to compensate for the hiccup in the middle and in case I hadn't been that accurate with the watch.

So I finished , but felt oddly dissatisfied with the whole thing.

Fast forward to this morning, I decided to leave half an hour earlier as its still humid,though the fact that I couldn't find my headphones and then when I went to fetch next doors dog she didn't have her collar on lost me a good 10 minutes,so I left feeling a bit of a grump.

The first 3 minutes were hard...why is that ?? Again I really didn't think I'd manage the whole thing,but I did 5 without being mean to Laura and then the second half ,well it was easier - even the last five minutes when she said there was a minute to go I was surprised.I definitely upped my pace a bit in the last run too,well- up from a shuffle/ light I lost the Grump somewhere on the track and returned home feeling really good :)

I feel better about going out for R3 on Friday now,I know I can do it.

Oh and on a random note, Cat will lose both stitches and bucket tomorrow and we will be able to have all the doors and windows open once more,without fear of him escaping- hurrah!

Well done if you stayed with me on this ...just realised its a bit long. Happy running all !

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Bet you're looking forward to opening windows and doors - that must have been a real nuisance in this warm weather! Ours have all been open almost constantly for the last couple of weeks. At the moment I can hear a song thrush singing outside - I've heard it every day for the last three days. Wonderful.

It's funny how some runs just feel rubbishy and others are great, often with no rhyme or reason as far as we can see. Keep up the good work. :)


Thanks so much ,greenlegs.Yes, been out for the evening and come home to our hot little house, but at least cat is still with us,could have been worse.Here in France our front door is usually always wide open ,except in the depths of winter-so it's been a bit of a trial these past few scorching weeks.

As for the runs, I've a feeling the good ones will outweigh the bad.I'm itching to get going again on Friday,so that must be a good sign!

Thankyou for taking the time to comment.Happy running :)


That first 3 minutes being nasty? I still get that, it takes me a good 5 minutes to settle down into a good rhythm and feel as though I can run. I think it's one of the strong things about this programme, you increase the length of the runs quite slowly so know you can get over that hump. I've noticed it riding the push bike as well, the first 5 minutes seems really hard, as though I have no energy. I think it's just the time to get your muscles properly warmed up, once that's happened you're away!


Thanks Beads, I appreciate that ...yes , nail on the head there,that first 5 minutes and no good to know its not just me ...and you're a graduate,so it doesn't necessarily go away -I'll keep that in mind on the next run. Roll on Friday-looking forward to it now !

Thankyou for taking the time to reply.


I started R4 this week..Monday was difficult but I managed it.....however I have bee getting bad pains in my knees. I started running yesterday but had to stop two minutes into my first f minutes due to pain. Am upset that this has set me back and am wondering if running is not for me.....has anyone else encountered this problem?


Hi mummysgirl,that's frustrating for you but it doesn't necessarily mean that running's not for you.At my yoga class we were always being told to look after our knees ! I think because its a hinge joint ( or something like that) and quite easy to twist or damage.A few years ago I used to get some aching -in just my left knee - when I went to

the gym ; nowadays I notice an ache sometimes after I've been out for a longish bike ride,same knee.As yet I haven't had any problems after running ....fingers x'd now .

I can only say what I would do if I got knee pain like yours - rest it for a few days,don't think about trying to run on it and then once the pain goes,perhaps try a brisk walk,half an hour or so - and see how you get on from there.

As frustrating as it is, don't consider it too much of a set back ....I don't see it that way. You have completed Weeks 1 to 3 successfully, so well done for that.With a bit of rest ...and kindness to your knees I'm sure you will be able to carry on. Hopefully there will be more advice forthcoming from other members who have had the same trouble .Perhaps you should put it out in the 'Questions' category ,then sit back and wait for all the good advice to roll in .

Take care, hope you can continue the programme soon.Keep us posted !


Thanks for that Carolecal...I will put it on the Questions & take your advice on board!


HI Carolecal, I seem to have slipped well behind you. Loved your cat story & glad you can get back to normal. I have heard from people who have been running for years that it's those first 5 mins that are the hardest. Also to Mummysgirl, I tore my cruciate ligament in my knee 18 months ago & that was just by trying on shoes on a shopping spree. It's very easily done. Look after that knee. On the upside I did wonder whether or not the past injury would stop me doing c25k but so far so good. Good luck to you.


Hi waletta, thanks for that.Good to know it's not just me and those first five minutes :) That knee injury you sustained sounded nasty; good that you've been able to do C25K ....knees are such odd things aren't they? So easy to damage them though , I must admit, never knew shoe shopping could be so fraught with danger !

Just done R3 of W4 ...not exactly straightforward due to my usual route blocked by fallen trees after the mother of all storms last was really scary at times-went on for 5 hours altogether ....have discovered that fallen trees and a measly two and a half hours sleep doesn't make for a good run ....still , it's done!

Keep me posted on your progress , wont you ?.....happy running !


That's some storm, We've not had anything here apart from some heavy rain. As for the shoes - I now sit down before I start wiggling my feet into shoes. I've had to repeat week 2 after migraine stopped play for several days last week. I've found week 2 quite hard but I think that's in my mind. I may do one more week 2 run before I start week 3 or maybe I'll try week 3. Heck I don't know. I guess I'll know when I get out there. You're making me quite envious getting on with it. I wonder did the cat hide out with you during storm. Though they do tend to be independent.


Hey there,nice to hear from you again That' s such a shame that migraine has held you back a bit,but try not to get too despondent.Only you can decide how to progress at this stage,but you have done W2, so you could give the first run of W3 a try first ?In my mind I am never ' ready' for the next stage...but though always tougher than the previous week,somehow it 'happens',but I'm always prepared to backtrack to that previous week if need be.

Right now ,after W4 final run this morning,I feel shattered( could be due to lack of zzzz 's too) and so glad I've got 2 days off 'til I start again on Monday. Lower back is niggling a bit too.

Yes, though not particularly bothered by the severity of the storm,both cats hung out in and around the bedroom :)

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do CAN do it !


Thanks Carolecal, I think I will probably push on. I was reading some of the other comments on this site about leaving 2 days between & not worrying about it & I feel a bit more relaxed about it now. I am 55 & have never run before & find it quite exciting but it's the encouragement on this site that keeps me going. (As for the cats, I think they just like us to think that they are independent.) :) I hope your back is ok.


Good - have that two day break,then go for it !

Hahaha.....I AM ahead of you....56 last month,but's a secret !

Have a great weekend !


Not sure how I missed your reply but thanks. I went ahead with week 3 & loved it. Didn't think I could do it but absolutely loved it. Had to give myself a good talking to on the warm up walk today (W4 R1) but I'm sitting here feeling so pleased with myself & that doesn't really cover it. I won't say another thing about the age business. Hope you're going strong - by my reckoning you must be finishing week 5 around now.


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