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week 5, run 1

Still doing well. I've learned i should look at the comments on the previous post before running, cause i still focused too much on my breathing and i think it's doing more harm than good. The music today was really good. I love that it seems to sympathize with me at times and if the music is this good for the rest of the week, then bring it on. will definitely take the advice I've gotten here and try to relax a bit when I run.

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That's great that you're still doing well. I tried doing the breathing as Laura suggested, but it made matters worse. Now I don't think about my breathing much other than to occasionally remind myself to take belly breaths when I feel like I need more air.

I really liked the music through week 5, not as much in week 6, and even less in week 7. But I still love these podcasts! :)

Keep up the good work.


I found if I concentrated on breathing I couldn't, so like TX I just need to force air in every now and again through my nose and into my lungs, otherwise I breath through my mouth too much.

As the runs get longer, if I am getting too out of breath I relax the pace too, so that I can do the full time and still be breathing at the end :)

Keep running x


I completed the milestone 20 minuter last night (so proud) but still can't seem to breathe through my nose as Laura suggests. I too used to concentrate on the breathing but i think concentrating on the pace is more helpful. I seem to speed up as i'm running (is that a bit weird?) and so get really tired quite quickly. Concentrating on keeping a steady, consistent pace really helped me to complete the 20 minutes at the 3rd attempt. And because i wasn't foccussing on my breathing, I was breathing quite comfortably at the end! Happy running!


I read somewhere that some runners mostly mouth breathe, some mostly nose breathe and others do a bit of both... So I have carried on just doing what seems right at the time, and it seems to work!

Relaxing when running is good - when you can. :) (Not always easy!)

Enjoy the rest of week 5 - stay chilled and it will be just fine!


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