Week 9 Run 1 & Thoughts On Musical BPM

Really had to drag myself out for today's run, but inevitably it was quite good fun. Wasted more time dithering about it, than actually doing it.

I guess my stamina's building up a bit more, because I only checked my watch 3 times.

There was a time I'd be looking at it every few minutes, and thinking "wow, look how slowly the seconds tick by!"

An aside- my take on running music. I was under the impression, when I decided to listen to my own music, that picking something with the "correct" BPM was important.

I also guessed that listening to techno/electronic music would be best- like a kind of metronome.

Having tinkered with my playlists for a few weeks, I've found that what works best for me, is just listening to music that I love, and I find listening to rock-orientated stuff is much more motivating.

It's my legs that set (restrict?) the pace, not my ears. :)

Have a great one.


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22 Replies

  • 'inevitably it was quite good fun' was just what I needed to read just now! My playlist won't have techno /garage anywhere near it: I can't bear it and there's loads of good rock songs with a running beat. Run to what moves you!

  • Yeay.. well done you ! Run done, lots of fun and the day to come :)

    Finding your own music is great.. I run to all sorts, nothing or just sing... ABBA works for me... and The Proclaimers.. great for fast and slow running :)

    Try not taking any kind of time keeper... it is fabulous... you have no idea... :)

  • I can walk 500 miles is one of my fave running tracks :)

  • Me too...brilliant!!!

  • Well done. Still storming through! Good on you 😉

  • Same here, although I do like Rock My Run for their 1980's tracks.

  • I shall try that out☺

  • I've heard lots of positives about Rock My Run.

    Unfortunately my phone weighs so much that I don't/won't take it out running :)

  • You could always check out the tracks on the lists and download your own playlists ;)

  • Now that's smart thinkin' :)

  • Rock my run for me.. can choose from whatever genre takes our fancy for your mood that day :) I had reggae today.. disco last run and rock run before :)

  • Hal Ketchum's 'One More Midnight' was changed in my mind to 'One More Minute' when I was struggling on my final 3 minutes. He got me through to my cool down walk :)

  • I don't use a specific playlist but have everything on my ipod on shuffle mode so I have no idea whats coming next, but this does get me into trouble when I find I'm singing loudly to something I haven't heard in ages or arm dancing to some terrible 80's guilty pleasure.

  • The worst track to come up of shuffle is "Drunken Lullabies", by Flogging Molly - try running to that!

  • I'd never heard of this record or this band before, love it. Must become acquainted with them. Similar to the Saw Doctors.

  • So this week is graduation week - excellent.

    I think the BPM _is_ important but only if you naturally use it as a metronome, which it sounds like you don't, which is great as it means you can listen to actual music :-)

  • Well done, your so close to the finishing line.☺

  • Oh Finchy , Ive just realized I haven't replied to this :-)

    Well done for today, 1 down 2 to go ! :-)

    I like " Lets Get Ready to Rhumble " by Ant and Dec, its one of my faves on my playlist ! Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Thanks, poppypug . I always preferred "Our Radio Rocks", to be honest. 😵😨😧😱

  • Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • How right you are! Distraction is an excellent way to make the running easier.

  • I tend to agree with you - whatever you really enjoy is the best motivator and rock works for me too. (Classical musician by training but with a scret weakness for a good bassline and drum break, and realistic enough to know that Monteverdi's madrigals are NOT going to help me fulfil my running goals ....)

    I do have a couple of 150ish bpm songs (Chelsea Dagger and Crazy Little Thing Called Love) on my playlist, since I found, when I did C25K last year before I was ill, that it was a good pace for me. Now they serve as a bit of a reminder and an aspirational thing, but I feel free to "break step" if I'm not up to it that day. Since I like them both anyway, I'm happy to sing, sorry, mime wheezily along to them.

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