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week 5 run 3

well. I cried on wednesday when Jo told me well done for running 8 minutes. It was a real achievement my head actually ignored the little voice telling me 'you can't do this, your too fat, weak, old,' and listened to my new roaring voice, 'you will do this'.

This morning I was determined not to put off day 3 until saturday. So fave tunes on the speaker, I went for it.

ten mins down, I'm breathing ok. bit tired, 15 mins down ok, 18 mins, my calves were screaming but I thought I'm not wasting 18 minutes running to have to do it all again on monday.

No crying today, but incredibly proud that I have ran for 20 minutes / 2.4 km non stop for probably the first time ever in my life.

thank you all for your support through the journey so far. I really never would have believed after struggling to run for 30 seconds, I could achieve this today

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Awww well done to you. That run scares the living daylights out of everyone but when you actually have finished it you feel so happy that it was worth it. Wishing you all the best with your future runs.

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AMAZING! ASTOUNDING! BEAUTIFUL!!! Now rest up well for week 6 and don't go too fast. You're getting closer to that podium!

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Well done the3rdwife😊..it feels great when you realise you can actually do this doesn't it...

That run is a breakthrough for many of us, you are right to feel proud.

Keep going you are doing brilliantly 😊xx

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Thankyou guys. It keeps me going reading everybody’s posts. It proves everybody can do this!!


Doing fine...now.. just slow it down... and then again.. slow down :)

Rest and relax into the longer runs to come...just enjoy them... breathe gently and let your newly-found running legs find your own happy pace:)


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