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WK4 in sunny Tenerife!

I must have got the running bug, because this is the first time ever I've gone on holiday and packed running gear! Running in the sun by the sea was just the best thing ever! Most of my runs here have been in the wind, dark, rain and cold. I took it a bit easy because it was so warm (ran in the early evening). The last run was a bit tough because it was a lot hotter so now I'm back here I'm going to do one more week 4 run before moving to week 5 - just for my confidence really. Running gear will be first in the suitcase from now on!

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Good on you, I can't wait for some warm weather and to see if it is better to run good weather. Have a good holiday.


Oooo, that's sounds so lovely! Having started running in the middle of winter, I am really looking forward to running in warm sunshine. :)


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