New Year's resolution broken but soooo glad!

Well my New Year's resolution was to give up running- yes give up running,run no more that was it! Got fed up with hurting every time I ran so decided enough was enough. I had struggled with a very stiff leg that prevented me from running for about a month,had physio and it still hurt so running career over (and it only began in July!)

BUT.... After about a week, I began to miss going out in the cold and dark. (Bonkers or what?) I would look wistfully at runners as I drove past them. I found myself running my hands sadly over the drawer stuffed full of running gear and my trainers looked sad and lonely by the back door.😔

I couldn't believe that I actually craved to go out running so I did.! Just decided to run for 15 mins really slowly and would see how it felt and it was ok! Over the past few weeks I have gradually added on the minutes and gently plodded along and now I'm pleased to say I have managed to run 4K twice this week and feeling good! So good in fact I went out today and got a gait analysis and treated myself to some noooo shoooooes! 😄 Yay, I am back to running and I ain't giving up!! Shoes feel like slippers and for the first time ever I don't ache one bit (probably for the first time ever) so really feel it was worth getting some great advice from the running shop to get the right shoes. The ones I had been running in weren't supportive enough for me and could explain all the aches and pains. Obviously the reverse psychology from banning from myself from running worked!


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13 Replies

  • What a fantastic post! You are a star! Enjoy your shoes and enjoy getting back to it.

    Elsie xxx

  • Thank you Elsie, I am looking forward to less painful running so fingers crossed x

  • Go for it. The new shoes will do wonders

  • Thank you, I have always felt reluctant about spending a lot on running shoes but so so far, I think it is worth it.

  • What a fab post! So pleased for you, m'dear. Gotta love a new pair of shoes. :)

  • Cheers AM! Didn't realise I could get quite so excited over a pair of nooo shoes!

  • Haha - admit it, you're totally hooked like the rest of us!

    Welcome back!

  • I am definitely hooked.once it gets its grip on you that is it,there is no escape from the running bug!

  • Wow, it is amazing what a difference the right shoes make. So glad you gave it another go. I am repeating c25k post injury as I do believe you have to take it so slowly getting back in to it post injury. You just keep building up again slow & steady, & more importantly just enjoy it X

  • Thanks Marly hope you continue to get there with your running too. Slow and steady is the best way.

  • So pleased to read your post! It's amazing what a difference the right shoes make. I started C25K in the trainers I had and on Week 3 I was crying with the pain in my shins. New (expensive) shoes later and the pain had gone. In one run. Amazing. Nearly 4 years later and I'm still running. So happy running to you :)

  • Yes isn't it amazing? My new (expensive) shoes feel like they are made for my foot,whereas my other ones were always pressing in on me and felt heavy. The lady in the shop said the best shoes are those you can barely feel on your feet.if they rub,pinch while you're standing still then think how much more they are going to hurt when you run! Good point made I think. I had read a lot about how gait analysis is a waste of money and have always been reluctant to have it done but it has made a difference to me and you and many others so it does work for many people.

  • Great post and spot on about gait analysis and getting the right shoes :)

    Well done for sticking with it and overcoming the voices telling you stop.

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