Another one for Bazza

Another one for Bazza

Hi everyone.

Here's my run from this morning. I'm training for my first 10k in May. I've managed two 9k runs but fell a bit short today - have got a bit of a chesty cough (feeling worse now! :-( ). Never mind, I'm doing alright.

So it's nearly a year since I started C25k. Prior to that I was a bit chubby, drank a bit much and my only exercise was walking (which is good bit running it aint!).

I had a bit of a health scare on top of already having a pacemaker (since the age of 11). So thought I really should take some action to become fitter and healthier.

I'm just a completely normal person with no previous sporting achievements whatsoever. After taking a good look at the programme and reading this forum I decided to go for it. And what a great decision that was - just the best life changing thing ever.

I am in no way a morning bird but nowadays I'm out running before 6am three times a week. I love shopping for lovely running gear. Suddenly it seems that everyone is running! I just love it.

It really is a case of is I can do it then so can you. I'm just an ordinary individual who has found fitness through the simplicity of running.

10k will be my max. I have no desire at all to do any more than that. And I think that's fine. I'm happy with that and my family are proud that I am looking quite trim :-)

So newbies, stick with the programme. There's a great bunch here, really supportive and fun too.

Happy running everyone. And I'm looking forward to reading more tales and finding out how two of our superstars did today.

:-) xx


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24 Replies

  • Well done PinkAngel,

    lovely post and inspiring story. Hope the cough goes soon so you can reach that magic 10K!

    take care :-)

  • Thanks OG.

    Just off to get some linctus..

    :-) xx

  • Well done pink angel, you are an inspiration to all new runners. Keep it up

  • Thanks webo.

    Just read your post - we've all had runs like that - it just happens sometimes.. part of the journey and all that.

    But you got yourself back on it and did well, so good for you!

    I reckon you'll nail the programme and go on to enjoy running as part of your life. It's just great - open the back door and you're off.. :-) xx

  • Well done. Youve done so well. 10 k will be my max too I think! Nothing wrong with that at all. Think back to weék 1!

  • That's right.

    And how hard were those first one minute runs??!!

    Who'd have thought.. :-)

  • Well done Pink ! Fab stuff and at a pace I could only dream of , you are doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy.

    I'm pretty chuffed too :-) xx

  • You are AMAZING! Well done taking this plan by the short and curlies and giving it what for! PLUS you're doing a 10K soon so good luck for that run. You will easily do it. I have the faith.....

  • Cheers Dan :-)

    I'm confident I'll manage the 10k, ideally a couple of weeks before. If not then on the day it will be then :-)

  • Blimey you did well doing that with a chesty cough! You've had a year of great achievements pinkangel and you should be proud. Your post is so positive and you've clearly got the bug!

  • Thanks IP - It has been a great year :-).

    Shame the cough bug has decided to join the running one! But I'll soon kick that into touch.

    :-) xx

  • Well done pinky. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Ah thanks Dunder.

    Just back from the chemist with some yummy linctus.. :-)

  • That's a lovely post and really encouraging :) Hope your cough is better soon x

  • Thanks Hilbean.. on the Covonia now! Also got some cod liver oil tablets to help the joints.. can't be too careful at my age!

    :-) xx

  • Mmmmmmm Covonia - kill or cure :)

  • Hope it does the trick. I might have to do the same with the cod liver oil too, especially after today's run!

  • Well done Pink, that 10k is within your grasp. Look after that chesty cough, Sweetie. We don't want you joining the IC Crew :)

  • Thanks AM. Will take it steady now for a few days, have a good rest :-) xx

  • Lovely post Pink!

  • Ah thanks pigivi :-) x

  • OH ! - you will "only " do 10K??? Do you realise what you have just said?? :) And anyway - we have all heard that before. :)

  • Yeah, I see what you mean.. it's definitely not just "only" is it. But I am certain this will be my max.. well may be the odd additional k or so.. maybe.. :-)

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