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Week 3 looming

Well I've read many of your blogs and have found them invaluable so thought i would give it a go.

After a rocky start 4 weeks ago (snow, illness etc etc) I am about to progress to week 3, many of you seem to have struggled on this one and that's making me quite apprehensive but 4 weeks ago I didn't believe I could run at all.

I started week 1 in the snow but after 2 runs the weather just got too bad so after a weeks break I started fresh, I then repeated week 1 just to build my confidence this worked well for me as it allowed me time to work on my stride and more importantly my breathing (lots of advice taken from other posts), interestingly I also found I run better without music, I live by the sea and it nice just to enjoy the peace and quiet after a hectic day, I believe that because of my patience everything has fell in place and I have thoroughly enjoyed week 2, but as I said earlier am quite anxious about week 3 it seems such a big jump 3 mins running, however as I have read many of you have struggled and completed and I am sure I will be the same ( wish me luck).

I would like to end my first blog by just saying thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write a blog, I have found them interesting and invaluable :-)

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Well done do far!! Your start seems similar to mine! Disruption with snow etc! I completed the second run of week 3 today. The first run was quite difficult and it is a step up but today was much better! Hopefully the third run will be even better! Good luck!


Thanks moomin71, hope your w3/r3 goes well :-)


Clawmum, how are you. Cromer, very nice lol....very nice area indeed.

Love the reference.

I believe learning a good breathing pattern for myself was very important, good to see you persevering. I'm sure your blog will be very beneficial for others to come.

All the best



Welcome - you sound as though you've got things worked out well! If you feel you need to repeat something for confidence, then do - but on the whole, if you've completed one week, you'll find your body is ready for the next one. :)

I live right in the middle of England, so no sea near here - I quite envy all the seaside runners (though not so keen on wind!) Canals are nice, but not quite the same! Roll on the summer holidays...


Glad to hear you're progressing well Claws, it's not an easy programme but as Greeners said, as you go through it your body will be able, it's getting the mental side of it right that's important.

As for the breathing, fair play. I graduated today and still haven't a clue what I'm doing in that respect.

I look forward to reading of your progress.


I'm another newby who's been quietly reading lots of inspirational blogs, but yet to add my own comments. I did W2 R3 yesterday and am very apprehensive about increasing the time spent running, my biggest difficulty is lung capacity - used to be asthmatic. However, when I look back 3 weeks, I could barely run between lamp posts! I think these podcasts are so helpful. One of the best comments from seasoned bloggers is to only think about the day you're running, don't you think?


Well done for getting this far. My week 2 is looming, but I am looking forward to it. Sometimes our worst enemy is ourselves by over thinking things. As has already been said I feel our bodies will let us know if we can do it or not.....and if not we try again. Good luck with your next run and ley us know how you do :)


Well guys, thank you for all taking the time to comment I completed my w3/r1 today with no hiccups although felt a bit shakey at the end but very please to say I can now look forward to the next one.

I totally agree iwillrun, it's best just to concentrate on the run in hand rather than the next and next good luck to you all


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