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How to restart after 6 month gap?

I finished the programme last year and was happily doing 5k 3 times a week until September when some health problems (Gastric infection/IBS) forced me to stop for a few weeks. I then never restarted my running as I built up a huge mental block. Now I am keen to get going again but do I need to restart the programme? ie start from week 1? week 2/3?or should I just try to go for a run and see what happens?

Any advise?

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I would just go out and see what happens. You might have retained more fitness than you think!


Hi Maysie. Ive just started again- 3rd time since graduating in July. I know that I find it easier mentally to do the sessions and know that it can be achieved-whereas when I first started I didnt think I would manage each week! I suggest you take it easy at first but you should be able to recognise what your body can do. My main issue is trying to maintain it. Absolutely loved being able to say I jogged 5k 3times a week....and cant wait to get there again. I am doing a quicker version but more intensive ie wk1 twice for 2 runs, then wk1 and2 twice for 2 runs etc until I get too tired! Good luck


I've had a 3 month gap. Went out to see how long I could run for then correlated that to the C25K programme and started back on W6.

Interestingly I found I could run for longer with the podcasts - I seem to need Laura to tell me what to do.


Thanks guys! Now to find that motivation to actually get out there and run!


I've just restarted after a 6 month gap, did week 1 just as it is, I can't always go midweek and want to build up fitness without injuries - good luck with your restart


I also have restarted after a 6 month gap due to a foot injury though so am very cautious not to trigger anything. I tried starting again in Dec and got tendonitus in my other foot from over compensating, but I could run for 4 minute bursts then and I'm sure longer if I allowed myself.

Funny thing starting back at week one is my legs still hurt after run 1 & 2 which surprised me because I have been doing pilates and kickbox bootcamp dvds at home.


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