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Where to restart after aborted week 7

Just as I was telling anyone who would listen how good the C25K is because it has got me running up to 25 mins injury free.......big pains down my leg (sciatic nerve, sorted by the physio), quickly followed by a heavy cold!

However, things are starting to get back to normal, but I've missed the last couple of weeks (I got as far as completing run2 week 7). The question now is of course, where to restart?

Looking back at the programme, run 1 week 6 feels about right (5-min warm-up walk, 5 min run, 3 min walk, 8 min run, 3 min walk, 5 min run) - see how it goes then adjust for the next run according to how I feel.

Whilst I was really keen to finish the programme and get at least one park run in before I go off skiing at end March, I am thinking longer term and don't want to risk injury again before the skiing holiday or another lay-off.


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Sounds a very good plan. Start with something that should be well within your capabilities and see how it goes. We are almost all guilty of being impatient to finish and over-analysing how much gains we lose while injured. You are being very sensible in taking the longer view. The long view is the only view that makes sense.

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Totally agree with Rignold..start slow, with something you know is do-able and work back up... it is amazing how quickly the body recovers again.


sounds like a good plan. i repeated a week after a holiday break and after an illness break just to be sure I was OK to move on.

Both comments below are such good advice.

I have seen such support on this forum but I have noticed some graduates saying - you won't have lost that much fitness just start where you left off. I think this is good advice for those of us who have graduated and kept going but my graduation is still fresh enough to know that in the 9 weeks hadn't built my fitness enough to just pick up where i left off. Hope that makes sense.

Always best to keep it slow and steady - better to be able to run for years to come than to rush now and do serious or lasting damage.


Sounds perfect to me phil. Thats a good 18 minutes of running in nice bite size pieces. I don't think you will be troubled to much by it stamina wise, but take it very gently on your legs coming back from that nasty injury.

I expect you will feel a bit tentative, but a few nice gentle runs should get your confidence back.

No pressure at all to press on with the program it will still be there when you return from your hoilday..

It wont be so muddy either when you are ready to parkrun .

Good luck and take care.

p.s hope your physio gave you some stretches to do to help stay injury free


Yes, Id start back gently and listen to your body

No reason why you cant still do your parkrun tho - you don't have to run the whole way, you can mix it up - we even have a couple who just walk round - it's good fun - maybe volunteer the first time, then you can see how it all works and see if you feel ready to join in


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