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Made it to week 6 - can't believe it!

I have been working through the programme since July when, after a difficult few weeks, I realised that I needed to do something 'for myself'. I can't believe that I have made it to week 6 - I have taken a little longer than six weeks to get to this stage, and have sometimes taken 3 or 4 days between runs, and have repeated one week (week 5) which I found more challenging. I have taken things gently and I think that has worked well for me.

I do feel so much better for doing C25K. I hope I can continue to progress through the next few weeks and then carry on running regularly after I 'graduate'. Anyone got any tips for what it's like at this stage of the programme, and how to keep going once you have completed the programme? I think I am a bit of a 'loner' when it comes to running - I like the C25K approach as you can go when you like but Laura and the music keep you going!!!

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Well done you, good feeling isn't it, oh and the self satisfaction I huge. Well done and keep going



Congratulation and well done, I'm probably a loner when it comes to running also, when I finished c25k I ran 5k each run for a few weeks to my own music and did a parkrun with a friend (although we ran our own pace separately) have now started a bridge to 10k programme.

You have loads of options to consider, increasing speed or distance, continuing with different music, trying the c25k+ podcasts, have a search around the Internet.

Keep going, it really is fantastic what can be achived with this programme.


Well done, glad to hear of your progress and how good you're feeling. I think doing that 20 minute run at the end of W5 is a real breakthrough to prove you can do this!

My advice is find some different music for w7. The podcast music is not good and there's not much from Laura after W6R3. Mainly she's just giving you time-checks together with encouragement. I usually did te official podcast once in weeks 7-9 and then did my own thing otherwise. Maybe change your route too - you need distraction when running for longer!

Once you graduate, I can thoroughly recommend the C25k+ podcasts- well, I've yet to try Stamina, but the other 2 are excellent.

Best of luck and keep blogging! Happy running!


You are out there and moving! That's what's important! Good luck and wishing you continued success!!!


Thank you everyone. Did the 25 minute non-stop running today to finish off week 6 - managed to keep going!! Will keep your advice in mind. Any ideas for good music to keep a sensible pace and keep motivated?


Me too Mazza3! can't believe we've arrived! I have the 2nd run tomorrow, then the 3rd 25 minute run on Friday. Had my sister here for a few days, and she wanted a walk yesterday (bearing in mind I had already run in the morning). I took her to Poole Park and brisk walked her round the pool without stopping. Not sure but I think it would take 25 minutes to run round it, so going to use that on Friday. She just could not believe it!! Lol!!

Thanks for all the advice graduates-keep it coming :-)


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