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Week 2 Done!

Just completed the last run of week 2 and I have to say I'm feeling pretty chipper about things so far.

Having done very little physical activity for several years, I'm really enjoying the programme. I've never run along to music before and have to say that it makes a huge difference.

Well done to the NHS! I've already recommended Couch to 5K to a number of other people.

Thanks to everyone for their friendliness and support on this forum. Keep on truckin'

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We're at the same stage, yay!! When are you going to do W3R1? I am thinking that Sunday would be good!


Yup - Sunday sounds good! - Hope yours goes well


Congrats :) I too have just completed week 2, will be starting week 3 tomorrow morning... eek! ;)


Congratulations on completing W2, I just started W3 today. Trying to decide if I'll switch and do R2 on Sunday or stick with my Monday/Wednesday/Friday cycle with swimming in between...


Welcome to week 3!!! You won't ever regret starting C25K, its fantastic! Gayle


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