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W7R1 - I did it.. got my mojo back!

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I've got it back... my running mojo that is!

After having a stomach bug then going on holiday for a week (altho I did run twice while away), I found it hard to get back in a routine with my running when I got home.

I did W6R3 on Wednesday which went fine, but I just didn't feel the high after running and I was all a bit discombobulated.

I planned to go out Friday morning.. even had my running kit on at one stage, but I made excuses and dithered and ended up getting back into normal clothes. Felt really guilty all day about it.

So this morning I was determined to get out there and smash W7R1. I set my alarm for 7am... yes, 7am on a Saturday morning!!! I was out the door in no time and it went absolutely fine despite the wind and rain. I was a bit pleased really as it meant I could wear my shower proof running jacket I got off Mountain Warehouse in the sale. It did the job admirably!

Was on a high afterwards. Am still going slow and probably averaging 9min/km which means it would take me 45 mins to do a 5km if my maths is correct. It's hard to tell because I turn on Map My Run before the 5 min walk and then run and then turn it off after the 5 min warm down. Not that my run is much quicker than my walk to be honest.

I know, I know, it's not all about pace at this stage, it's just important to do the time. I'm slow and steady plodder.

I read some posts before I went out for my run this morning and that helped to inspire me to get out there. I miss this place when I don't visit but have had a really busy couple of days since coming back from hols.

It's nice to be back and to have my mojo back :)

8 Replies

Well done! You are so close now - only 8 more runs to go. Definitely time to start checking out your local parkrun, if anywhere can pep up your mojo, your parkrun should!


Well done for getting out there in the wind and rain. You are doing really well and speed doesn't matter just stick with what you're doing x. :-)


Well done!! Getting back in the game after losing your mojo is SO hard!!

I've completed C25k twice before and then lost my mojo mojo/the monkey on my shoulder shouted louder so I'm with you on the dithering!!

I still think the most challenging part of this programme is getting yourself out the front door!!

I'm about the same pace as you and about to complete w7r3 tomorrow.

Keep going you're doing great :-)

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Very well done. Getting over a hurdle and back on to the horse is a huge achievement, be proud.


Good to know I am not the only one who had lost my mojo for a little while. I was reunited with it yesterday and hoping to finishe week 7 this week. I feel like I want to run on my rest days too to make up for the the running I missed, but guessing that's not really recommended.


Well done! Glad to hear you've got your mojo back. There'll be no stopping you now :)


That's excellent news MPoodle. Well on the way to getting this programme done. I don't go very fast at all either a real plodder. I'm hoping by June and the race for life I will at least be able to complete the full run. I know you're doing one as well so it's about finishing no matter how fast. Good luck for the rest of the week :-)


Great post Poodle ! Good to hear youve got over your blip and youre firing on all cylinders again .

Keep going ! :-) xxx


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