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W5R3 just done it!!!

I ran for 20 minutes!!!! I can't really believe I managed that. Does anyone else find the first few minutes really hard? I kept wanting to stop, and did walk for a few seconds as I'd been running up a small incline. Then on the flat and downhill for about 10 mins, and had to turn around and run back up the hill I'd just run down, so an uphill finish. I did stop for a few seconds a couple of times to get my breath, but I still can't quite believe I did it!!! On to W6...

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Everyone does! The first bit is the hardest. If you need a longer warm up than five minutes then do it. I take ages to warm up so I do some physical jerks in the house first, and then might do ten minutes warm up rather than five.

Good luck with week 6. Just do it nice and steady. Slow is fine. No need for speed!


Thanks for the advice I'll remember!!


All the time! First 5 mins for me😏 Week!

Good luck and as misswobble says..slow and steady as you go☺


Hi Greylady, the first 5 to 8 mins of a run is tough because your body has to deal with your activity and fill your blood with oxygen to cope with the exertion. Once you realise that this is the case, you could take the start of your run a bit steadier and probably find you don't get quite so puffed. 😊

Its always possible to push through those first few mins though and then your breathing settles down.

Well done on completing your 20 mins. That feels great doesn't it..😊

Good luck with week 6.


Well done, it's a great feeling isn't it! I remember literally doing a mini fist pump when Laura said I'd finished :) and yes the first few mins are always tough


And onto week 6... My runs generally have 2 parts to them the start which I find really tough then there' s the second part which is really tough! No seriously from what I can gather most people have the same experience with the first few minutes the toughest until you settle into your rhythm. For me it depends on the route and how fast/slow I set out but generally 5-10 minutes before I settle into my pace.

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Well done! Yes, the first bit is hard and it's as much a mental battle as a physical one, with your mind having to tell your body that yes, you can do this. Which you can! Go get W6....


Twenty minutes! Fantastic, how unlikely did that seem five weeks ago? Now you're into your longer runs, you know you can actually do this. It is a great feeling, isn't it?


You are a runner!! Doesn't that feel really special? The Greylady graduation badge is glinting away, waiting for you to snatch it up at the end of W9. Go for it.


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