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Disappointed in myself



So I've just been out to do today's run. I decided to run around the entire of my local park. This includes a BIG hill.

So I ran the first 3 mins, which I always find hard until I get into it. Walked the 90 secs. A minute into the 5 min run and Boom the dreaded hill. I slip seamlessly into 1st gear and plod on for about another minute. Before I realised it, I was walking...I'm devastated, I turned to run back down the hill, no I think to myself, turn once again and decide to walk the remainder 2:30 to the top of the hill.

I'm really disappointed in myself at this point. I quickly decided to give myself a punishment. I will run the 'rest' 2:30 and the next 3 minutes together have the 90 seconds rest and then run the last 5 minutes. This I managed.

The hill has beaten me, I'm really disappointed.

Should I count this run or not?

I await your verdict.

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Hills are extremely hard, I thought my local one was hilly but when I tried a new one I thought more mountain rather than hill. Don't be so hard on yourself. You have to find a course you are happy with, if it is possible of course. One thing you could try is starting your run halfway up the hill and going from there. I don't sweat over not achieving the given goal, I just repeat the individual run if necessary until I am happy.

Malc73Graduate in reply to DawnRun

Thanks Dawn, I'm more disappointed that I started to walk subconsciously. I didn't even think, it just happened Doh!


I repeated any runs that didn't work out to the proper allotment of running, but certainly don't be disappointed! It's fantastic that you gave it a go and chugged up the hill. That alone is a success, and incorporating hills early in your running career will pay huge dividends. It's definitely worth a few repeated runs to practice them.

That being said, when I did have a run that I walked or really struggled with, I made sure the subsequent one was more flat or downhill. Happy running.

Okay so if I have added it up right you did a total 15 minutes of running with a walk inbetween. Week 4 run 3 is 3,5,3,5 worth of running a total of 16 minutes. From what graduates have posted they say that your first minute of walking is your heartrate still at running levels. It wasn't a total disaster when you add up the run times 3, 2, 2.30, 3,5. I would count that as a run and move on to the next week. Maybe alter your route if you do not want to hit the hill in your run. Or perservere with the hill, I have a hill and I stuck with it. It took awhile, it is slow but I get up it.

Malc73Graduate in reply to charthedreamer

Thanks charthedreamer, yeah you point is good. Onwards and upwards literally. I need to conquer the hill it's like my white whale.


A Run is a run is a run - only you can decide if it counts though :) As for Hills - you are certainly a heck of a lot braver than I am!!! I didn't run ANY hills untill weeks and weeks after I graduated. And when I say 'run' those hills - I felt like I had never even done the programme for the first few weeks of doing them! :)

Hills are TOUGH! Believe me. Only way to be 'successful' on them is to take them slow and steady and at your own pace - don't forget though, they are TOUGH!. :)

Malc73Graduate in reply to Irish-John

Thanks John for sharing your experience. It's difficult to gauge what's good and bad when using an app. Cheers

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Malc73

Yep - its a miraculous programme but it is 'one size fits all' I would be ELATED if I ever broke the 30 minute 5K time - others (but not OUR running family here :) ) would be devastated and go home crying if they did it in more than 25 minutes :)

Less than 10% graduate on time/with distance here. We had a poll that proved that beyond a doubt. Slow...and stady. That's what gets us to graduation and then beyond without injury or giving up in defeat :)


I know how you feel, but don't be too hard on yourself. Last year, at the 9th km of a 10K race I had trained for for months I subconsciously started walking and I still feel bad about it now. It was only for a split second and I didn't subconsciously choose to walk but somehow it felt like a failure.

My advice would be to repeat this run in your next session instead of moving on to the next - not because you need to (it certainly sounds like you are more than capable), but because you may always be doubting yourself if you do feel like you skipped it. You could even try the same route and keep your mind focussed on the brilliant feeling you will get when you complete it this time.

But it was NOT a failure. Couch to 5K is a journey, not an exam. You are a winner for walking out the front door in the first place, I promise!

Malc73Graduate in reply to sarah469

That's exactly what happened Sarah. It's taken me by surprise. The fact that I didn't consciously choose to walk is what's concerning me. I think I got distracted and forgot what I was doing. i.e. Brain switched off thought to itself this is hard and decided to stop running. Lol

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to sarah469

Yep - I set myself the goal of doing every stage running. :) I repeated several stages because of those 'errant' steps. And you know what - I now wish I had repeated even more stages because my foundation for the 10 K etc would have been better - I let the tail wag the dog and focused so much on being a Graduate I pushed things a bit leading up to it.

But - I have a history of being a 'Perfectionist' so looking back on it I forgive myself :) A person not as hung up on perfection as I am is lucky - so much less unnecessary pressure :) HOWEVER - if you are a 'die hard' perfectionist those 'iffy' stages will haunt you so as usual apart from never missing the Rest days, different approaches work in this programme for different types :)

Thankfully when I now have a " not PERFECT dang it " Run I know the important thing is - I went out there and RAN. :) Different days, different capacities -we are humans, not machines :)

And I sure am a LOT more relaxed about perfection since getting into this Running lark - another hidden benefit of the programme :)

Malc73Graduate in reply to Irish-John

Sound advice John. My end goal is a 10k in November. This course isn't a race for me, I literally have all the time in the world. I love the challenge the pain and the feeling of accomplishment. Thanks for your support

Hang on, let me understand this....you got yourself out and did some exercise that brought your heart rate up and got your muscles aching....and you're disappointed?

Well, first things first - congrats on going for the run!

Secondly, good on you for setting yourself a challenge of park including the big hill

Thirdly, stop being Opus Dei about it and crack into that bad boy hill next time and the time after and the time after that until you routinely beat it easily. When that happens congratulate yourself and set a new challenge.

My challenges today were weighing in and spending a few hours in the garden - I got a sweat on there! With time I'll work to jogging, then fart legs (it's a thing, I promise!) then eventually I have my eyes set on obstacle course 5 and 10ks.

Good luck Malc73 and chin up

Malc73Graduate in reply to ConnerJ

Thanks Conor you've made me smile 😋

Don't beat yourself up about it! I've been running a couple of years and I still get runs like that. At times I'm not struggling as much as I have before and my legs just take it upon themselves to walk! I've looked down at them in the past and mentally asked "what do you think you're doing?! We were going OK until you decided to do that!!"

Just chalk it up as experience and next time you'll be even more determined to complete that hill! You can do it!

Malc73Graduate in reply to rmoo

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that this has happened too. I'll be watching out for it in future. Thanks rmoo


Get you giving it a go. Where I run I have no choice but to do hills however I do avoid the biggest climb because I know I'm not ready yet but strava tells me I climbed 66m today and some of that is steep! I feel like I'm walking but I know I'm not (probably would go faster if I walked!) keep trying hills are insane! Once I graduate the end of this week I'll have moved and have different but bigger hills to climb in my everyday run so that's my next goal. Keep going your doing amazing and in 5 weeks time you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.


Hills are hard, but they are so good for you! When I started the program there was a hill I could not avoid in my route, and I hated it, it was so hard, It felt like I just didn't have the right muscles! As my distance became longer I changed to a different route which had no uphill sections. What a mistake! A few weeks later and my knees were absolutely not happy! I am now recovering from this injury, and going back to my old hilly route - I think going uphill really helps strengthen muscles that support your knees, helping protects you from injury. You may want to find an easier hill, or a shorter one, but running/plodding up a bit of hills is really good for you, and it does get easier. Seek some hills - your knees will thank you :-)

My legs did the same on week 4 (just completed my 3rd session) - I was merrily running/shuffling along and my legs decided to walk!!! I now shuffle muttering to them they are to listen to me not to decide on their own.

Re hills: I started out running in the park which has hills (a bit strong to say they are hills) but have now decided to stick with a flat course until I've completed the program - it was too much for me to run further and negotiate the bumps that I call hills.

So don't be tough on yourself - as someone said to me "you never regret doing some exercise but you will regret just watching TV" another thing I mutter to myself to get me round - I have turned into the local crazy shuffling lady!

Keep going and hopefully we will graduate at around the same time

Malc73Graduate in reply to Helbaid

Hmmm I have to say that when it gets tough, I too have been known to be a bit vocal in my encouragement. Lol


Please don't beat yourself up about this, you got out there, you ran, that's what it's all about. Early days, just know that you will do that hill...keep positive.

Total respect for anyone living in a hilly area. I don't know how you do it wether it be running or walking. I live in Norfolk so it's easier here as there are no hill for miles! Well done you. You can never count any attempt as a failure because you gave it your best shot. Failure would be sitting at home and not bothering at all!! Keep going.....🏃🏻🏃🏽‍♀️🏅🏔

Malc73Graduate in reply to Allia

Thanks. I drive to the park as I live half way up a mahoosive hill so there is no way of getting away with it.

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