I ran up a hill! And got a bit faster?!

For my third (I think?) postgraduate run I decided not to do another 5k, as my legs were still able to remember the last one, but I thought I'd try out the-hill-that's-as-steep-as-the-local-parkrun-hill. It is conveniently less than a mile from my front door.

I warmed up by a little walking circuit round the block, dropped off my cardigan, and set off in t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms (the running tights are somewhere in the wash). I was quite glad I wasn't wearing the tights though, when I passed two ex-pupils as I trotted through the village - clearly I'm not quite confident in them yet!

Then out of the village to the bottom of the hill. I'd decided to just give it a go - not trying to do anything daft like run fast up the hill (yet!), just see how far I could go without stopping. So I was taking teeny weeny steps (about 9 inch long steps) and just plod plod plodding. But I did it - I got right to the top (seven minutes of pretty steep hill) and kept going along the flat bit, turned round and came back down. Decided to stop at 30 minutes, not because I was tired, but because I thought I'd probably done enough for today - but I managed a minute of sprinting faster before I stopped - which felt good.

30 minutes running altogether - just 3.3km, so 6.6 kph, 4.2mph -overall it was the fastest run I've done, which surprised me hugely! I think that's the first time I've got over 4mph (which is my fast walking speed, hey ho!)

The hill bit was pretty slow, unsurprisingly - 5kph, just over 3mph - but I used to find it hard work just to walk up it, so that's fine. Average speed other than the uphill bit was 7kph or 4.5mph, just under 14 minutes for a mile - still slow, but significantly faster than before.

Slow and steady to graduation has really worked so well for me - my body is clearly ready now to step it up a bit. Woo hoo!

The best bit though, was realising that I was really enjoying it - even going up the hill :O It was gloriously sunny, birds were singing etc etc. And I was doing it all on my own, without anyone pushing me on, just because I wanted to do it.

Thank you Laura, and thank you everyone who's ever encouraged me on here. You held my hand while I got going, until I could do it on my own. And it feels just great! :) (But I expect I'll keep blogging a bit yet!)

Now, where's that badge got to?!


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37 Replies

  • I'm still waiting for mine too Greenlegs. Not that I'm getting impatient or anything (drums fingers on table) ;-)

  • Patience is a virtue! The pages will be dazzling soon, with all our new badges! :)

  • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it's arrived!

  • I'm still running scared of hills so well done missus!

    Are you thinking of taking the plunge with your parkrun now?

  • Almost... I want to have done the whole 5k-including-the-hill first. But I can see that that's quite possible in the next week or so! So now I'll have to find some other excuses! (It's scary, the thought of being amongst all those people - I don't do crowds - though I suppose I won't be amongst crowds for very long!)

    Might go and suss out the route later this week though.

    How about you?

  • I'm so stuck in my routine I will definitely have to break out of it soon. As I said, I'm fighting shy of hills so far, my usual route is as flat as a pancake but the parkrun course is mostly uphill so I'll have to put in a bit of practice before I feel able to tackle it.

    I suppose it'll tie in with my decision on the 10k training this weekend.

  • Try replying to the Fitness Editors question (about a month ago) to get your badge - this forum is great but it does need a better mechanism for getting badges applied.

  • I did! :( They'll arrive soon. I hope!

  • :) Thank you!!!

  • I noticed after I posted that you had and that sending a message to admin is broken. I have "reported" their questions on the hope that someone in admin will get back on the ball and hopefully make it easier to claim a graduate badge - which at the moment seems to be another 9 week programme!!!! lol

  • Looky looky - I have a badge! Thank you! I do love that badge! Can't stop grinning - silly, but there you go!


  • :D

  • Wehey! at last, oohh the colour suits you!!


  • Love it! Nice one! :D I'm off to investigate c25k graduate t-shirts now.

  • You deserve it.

  • :D

  • Well done, I hate running up (or down if I'm honest) hills so am in awe of anyone that runs up one by choice. (Have hill runs tonight at running club but trying to block that out :-( ) You should give Parkrun ago it really is good fun and they are happy to let everyone go at their own pace. I really look forward to my Saturday morning Parkrun. Oh and please don't stop blogging need to know how you are getting on :-)

  • OK - I'll go and try it out later this week, when nobody else is there! My latest times (and I've only actually done the full 5k once so far!) would make me equal last, about five minutes after the 3rd to last. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with that, but I promise I'll go and think about it! You're doing a good job promoting it!

    I do already have my barcode with c25k as my club!

  • Well done Greenlegs, it was ages after graduation before I felt brave enough to tackle inclines. Even now although I'm okay-ish with them I'm whacked when I get to the top for a bit. Reading 'Chi Running', Danny Dreyer says to work with the hill, the hill is your friend.... Friendly hills? I guess I'm not quite at that stage yet.

    Great to read you're all set for Parkrun, they're great fun.

  • Mmmm, I'm not sure about friendly hills either! But going really steadily did help - I wasn't actually all that bad at the top. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough though! :)

  • Perhaps that's the best way to do it, I do tend to attack them, I'll try easing back a bit... I'll make friends with those hills yet... :-)

  • Went on my easy paced distance run today, several challenging inclines, I eased up and what do you know I was much less whacked at the top. Cheers Greenlegs! :-) I'm maybe not quite friends with the hills yet but less aggressive, more respectful perhaps.

  • Those hills say "Hello, friend, it's good to meet you! Respect!"

    :D Glad to help! Slow and steady wins the day...

  • Woohoo a badge and a "wotsacallitagainthingey" hill?

    A hill..hmmm sort of looking slightly upwards and seeing grass and stuff? Perish the thought!

    Many congrats again..lol


  • I do like my badge! He he! Thanks!

  • Go for the parkrun! If they are anything like our organized 5Ks here in the States, you will get a confidence boost and feel like your among friends. I ran an organized 5K the week I graduated. I dreaded it because I'm so slow and I had never ran with proper "runners" before. I don't regret doing it at all, even though at the sound of the horn, they all took off and left me!! :-) Very well done on the hill! I have a hill from hell that I plan to visit again on my next run. Gayle

  • 'hill from hell' - yup, like the sound of that!

  • Well done greenlegs on taking on The Hill and winning! :) I really need to do more hill work and slow and steady is definitely the key.

    Yes running because you want to is a great feeling indeed!

    Nice shiny badge BTW :D Another celebration me thinks?! ;)


  • :D A few more hours whiled away on the computer, admiring the gleamingness!

  • Great shiny new badge!! It really does suit you Greenlegs :D

    I've tried that hill a few times and it's steep but mercifully short. I will be thinking of you this week trying it out. The course is just a short hop from our house, infact I took the children for a stroll around the comyn yesterday. The views were stunning. Enjoy your tryout.

    Tricia x

  • I shall look out for a lady with a bandaged arm and children then! :)

  • Love your badge Greenlegs. Well done.

    Viki :-)

  • :) Thanks!

  • Hills are just horrible. I feel going down I'm the runner I want to be, and going up I'm the runner I was before I started the programme.

  • Rather like this! :)

    You've just got to think of hills as friends, who are challenging you to do even better! ;) Instead of enemies to be beaten - they will win if you treat them like that!

    Says she who has run up one hill! :D

  • Hum - I just think I'll enjoy you better on the way down!

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