Hill Training (a bit enthusiastic)

Today I decided to do some hill training after reading about the benefits of it online and suggestions from Sallycycle and IannodaTruffe.

I did a ten minute warm up run to what I shall now call Big Betty. I jogged down, set my markers (there's no way I can do the whole thing yet).

After the first jog up (pace should be slower but effort should be the same as for flat running) ultra slow, I jogged back down, recovering. What was interesting was that at the top point I was thinking, 'ugh, how am I going to do this 5 times?!', but by the time I got to the bottom point I was recovered enough to do it again.

I managed 5 reps and on the last one managed to roughly double my distance before I had to walk, so I was pleased with myself.

I ran home and the usual hills on the way back were tame in comparison, so as well as helping to increase my fitness and strength, it also psychologically changes my overall take on hills. If I can tackle Big Betty (and I intend to extend my runs on her until I can do all of her), then I can tackle anything.

It's a bit scary but I recommend it. I loved it and I was SO sweaty afterwards .... who knew being covered in sweat was such a delight?


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16 Replies

  • I was reading dan's hill climb post the other day and thought six ups and downs was a big task, so my plan is just to go up and then back down, and maybe back up once more. Next time I could add another repeat rather than kill myself trying to do six

  • I bet you won't find it as bad as you think. It surprised me. I was going really slow and even then it was hard work towards the top but I felt great afterwards! I hope you enjoy it too :-)

  • Ooh yes ! I think I might try that too, that sounds like a good plan.

  • Excellent challenge. Well done!

  • Thanks, cute dog!!

  • I love doing hill reps - bizarre as it sounds. I am constantly amazed now at just how quick I can recover, especially when I think back to the half hour lay down I needed after only just managing week 1 run 1! I love, too, how envigorated they make you feel afterwards. Keep up the good work - you will really notice the difference , if you keep them up. ( The Guardian does a free running podcast for hill reps I use, 30 secs up followed by 45 secs down, 3 sets of 5 repeats - i5's an excellent workout!)

  • Thanks for the guardian tip. Yes, I felt really sharp and awake and invigorated afterwards!

    I would never have imagined I would be tackling such things last March!!

  • That's really interesting Will. I was wondering about hill training but didn't know where to look. Are you following a training plan and if so, can you share the link?

  • I'm not following a plan, just read various sites and went from there. Here's a good one;


    I hope you find it helpful :-)

  • Sounds great I_will. I have a few massive hills I might try this out on. This C25k programme has unleashed an abundance of experimentation with follow on training plans. Maybe HU should provide an area for favourite training plans ;-)

  • Yes, I wanted to do something horrible(!) because my Parkrun has some quite short sharp hills in. I've only done it once, and they were a shock to the system, and quite off putting.

    I will not be beaten!!!

  • Well done, in the heat too. I'm going to give this a go but at MissW's pace !!

  • Well, I went out at 8.30pm in light kit, with goosebumps! Came back the opposite :-)

  • Hi

    So pleased that you are giving it a go. I found that it really helped, and I now intend to try sand dunes. I have heard that are absolute killers, but they have less inpact on your knees, so that's good!

    I shall try and keep it up, and who knows, maybe a new PB will spring up.

    Keep working at Big Betty, and I'm suer she will soon lose her 'Big' name and just become Betty. Then the challenge is to find the next hill to work on....!

    Safe and happy running.


  • Thanks :-)

    Sand dunes?!?! Yikes. And yet.....it's surprising what a person can manage given a good dose of enthusiasm and determination isn't it? (And fitness!)

  • Yikes and double yikes!! I once saw an F1 driver being put through absolute hell by their coach, and these guys are about the fittest on the planet. They do triathlons for relaxatoin, and Mark Webber has his own adventure race series.

    Dunes are killers, but I shal try them...when I have seen my son give it a go!

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