I conquered the hill .... (not The Hill)

Did my 5K today and during it I managed to run the whole of the long slow hill, which I vowed I would one day conquer! I felt brilliant doing it - my frame of mind was just right. I knew I could do it and I just kept going. I met another runner coming down it and he spurred me on :-)

This is no little hill, my husband hadn't ridden his bike all the way up it yet!

I did a jump and punched the air at the top (after a quick look round...no one in sght!) and kept running the remaining 1.5K.

I have yet to conquer The Hill aka Big Betty, but she had better watch out!! :D


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17 Replies

  • :D I can just picture your ecstatic air punching atop the hill! Nice one; it is amazing to conquer big hills. The feeling of making it to the other side of it is fantastic.

    Great going, well done! :-)

  • Thanks...she's my new friend!

  • Good for you! Air punch is well deserved x :-)

  • Cheers :D

  • For the avoidance of doubt - air punching is perfectly acceptable WITHOUT checking for observers... I know, I do it a lot... :)

  • I shall remember that for future reference! I expect there are a lot of runners out there who would delight in seeing such a thing in passing ....I certainly would! :-)

  • Wahey I_will ! :-) Well done you conquered it, awesome :-)

    Oh you've got to do the air punch thingy its in the rules of the hill running book , Ive seen it :-D

    Yay, Go you ! :-) xxx

  • Oh, oh, a book? On hill running? With air punching? Perfect!

    Thanks for telling me, next time I shall do it with a feeling of righteousness :D

    Funny, there really is nothing else I can think of that would make me do that!!

  • Ha ha yes it is called " The Air Punching Book of Hill Running "

    Oh you cant beat a good air punch can you ? Something only people on here can truly understand :-) xxx

  • I'll get it for Christmas and put it on my bookshelf next to 'The Aerobic Bra Removal Workout (not for the faint hearted)‘ :)

  • Ha ha, Oh yes, the Bra Removal Workout Book goes in the " Horror " Section :-) xxx

  • Lol! :D

  • Oh I do air punching anorl Don't care who sees me

    Well done on the hills! I hate em and avoid them for now

    When you tackling the biggy then?

  • Well, I've been using it to train on....she's a monster, long and really steep. If I took a picture there would be nothing to see but tarmac from top to bottom.

    One day, my training session will stretch further and further until it's just in reach! :-)

  • Yeah. Well done. I have a hate relationship with The Horrid Hill. Once I am up it the rest of the run seems so much easier but I can't stop thinking about it every run until I am at the top. I've been known to call it some very naughty names!

  • I've strangely come to love them increasingly. They make for variety, and I now find my flat river route that I religiously stuck to, to begin with, a bit dull now!

    Never thought I would say that!! :-)

  • Well done! I have been known to jump in the air at the end of an achievement run myself. I think other runners understand the sensation :D

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