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Never thought i'd choose a hill! :)


Been a busy week so only 2 runs, meant to go to running club Tues but it was FAR to hot @6pm, and i had no suncream/hat/enthusiasm!! So aimed for Weds instead, got in from work late and after walking George dog, and making date and walnut loaf for Dads Birthday (Thurs), stuck that in the oven along with frittata for tea and thought"time for quick run while its in !" couldn't decide between flat run and hill,wierdly declared"i think i'll do the hill!"( i was in that frame of mind for a challenge!!) last time it took 24 min there and back, so @9.15pm, lovely and cool, set off! And i made it! Without sitting on the bench for recovery at half way point! Got shouted at by some boy racers half way up hill"GO ON MY DAAARRLINNN!!!" felt a bit embarassed, maybe the fact that they went past me from behind so i didn't see their faces made it better and they could have said lots worse stuff so i took their advice!! and i flew back down the hill to my 2nd fastest1k -5.56, which made me pleased! part of it was on the footpath so lots of midges to avoid swallowing but apart from that it was almost ok!! definitely easier than last time :) and frittata ready when i got back!

Today was my 11th parkrun, quite hot along the seafront and felt quite sick going up the short hill at 4k, but made it! And according to my Garmin it was my fastest 400m, 1k, half mile, mile, 2 miles -WOW! thought it felt hard!! Don't have the official time in yet though!

So a good week mostly(discounting work!) just off th my friends "Hen picnic" and the sun is shining :)

Happy running everyone!

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You chose the hill - brilliant! :-) Good stuff, apart from the hollering boy racers. Quite why people find it acceptable to harangue runners I've no idea, but well done on not letting it get to you.

And well done on the Parkrun. A seafront Parkrun sounds lovely! :-)

Happy picnicking!

thanks Miles_Yonder! they were quite loud boy racers, don't you just love them!

seafront parkrun is very pretty, our usual venue is a lot flatter so this ones much more of a challenge! was 10 secs off my PB today!

Feeling very tired now, had to drive to hen picnic so have left them now being riotous and drinking lots of champagne! She will hurt tomorrow! hope to have a little bevvy at the wedding in 2 weeks but i'm a very rubbish drinker, only need one or two! :)

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to aliboo70

One of the reasons I like having music on - I can't hear these shouty folk properly. What possesses them?!

Well done on your PB; any time off it is an achievement! Parkruns are great, aren't they? Register once and you can participate in any you fancy. I feel some Parkrun tourism coming on!

Snap, I know the feeling. I've not had a drink since January; one or two now would put me under the table I think! :D Enjoy a tipple or two at the wedding though. :-)

Hmmmm. Drinking and running..... Have you seen the Marathon du Medoc? A marathon. Through vineyards. Drink stations = wine. one day. One day..... :D

I bet you're tired too; a well deserved rest is in order! :-)

sorry misled you, my PB for parkrun is 31.15, and yesterday was 31.25, must learn to word things better(!! but not far behind , nearest i've got to it for a while!

don't think i'd make it very far on the drinking marathon, i'm such a lightweight!

Happy running to you, your schedule sounds full on, makes me feel tired reading about it! i'm still pondering a 10k in bournemouth in October, should just book it in really!!

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Go for it! :-) October is a while off yet and plenty of time to get prepared! :-) Having races booked in the near future that maybe we're not quite ready for now, is a great way of maintaining progression and motivation! Go for it! :-)

Oh and two glasses of wine at that drinking marathon and I'd be asleep in a hedge! :D

Wow! Eleven park runs is quite something. Sounds as if you're on a roll. Really well done.

thankyou! haven't been for a few weeks as was working but determined to get there today! :)


Sounds fab! Very well done and extra kudos for choosing the hill :)

aliboo70 in reply to AncientMum

thankyou! it did feel strange to choose a hill with my "hill aversion" usually but it was good, especially coming down! :)


Fancy choosing the hills! Go you, aliboo! Its great that you found it easier than last time- maybe the thought of the frittata kept you going. Well done with the parkruns too, sounds like you are having fun with your running and lots of variety. I had a change of parkrun today as there was an event in my local one, it was good for a change, isn't it great that we can pop to any one we like! xx :-)

aliboo70 in reply to no-excuse

I'm off to Bristol at end of July to do a glass bead making day( a treat for me!) so hope to try one near there! was 10 secs off my PB today, but did feel like hard work that last 1 k! and the greenwich one when i visit my brother sometime! the hill was strangely ok, and i loved flying back down! and didn't want my dinner to burn so couldn't be too long!! xx :) Hope your parkrun was good too? :)


Well done on choosing the hill Ali! If you keep running the same one a few times in succession it does get easier

I shall be going out in an hour to run a few! Waiting for my dinner to go down

aliboo70 in reply to misswobble

its nice going out late, cooler and not too many people! mostly been doing early ones so it made a change :) hope yours goes well and you''re feeling ok this week? :)


It sounds like you zipped up that hill nicely :-)

Running along the seafront sounds lovely, sparkly water and refreshing breeze...maybe an icecream and some chips and then getting attacked by a herring gull ... but I digress!

aliboo70 in reply to I_will

lots of cafes on the way, it is tempting! Might have to stop afterwards next time before we return to our usual venue! there was a beach football event on beach so trying not to feel too visible running past all those young men, their pumping music on loudspeakers was good tho! altleast there was 100 or so of us so we blended in! :)


I got up the hill but was a bit huffy and puffy. Still, I got there and then it was downhill but I had to run through a really dark bit between trees but my Garmin still worked, so that was all right. I only did 5 k this evening but it was just about right after being out the whole day

aliboo70 in reply to misswobble

well done! Know what you mean about huffy puffy! my hill was only 3.1k so you did well! i was even more huffy yesterday!! hope you're having a nice rest today! :)


I got no rest! I was flogging raffle tickets for a local charity so was on my feet from 11.00 am til 3.45 pm

I am running in a minute. A steady 40 minutes I think

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