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My penultimate run. (of C25k)

So I set out yesterday morning, nice to run in the day light and not as cold as usual so just hi viz top and no coat on.

I ran mainly on the road, with just a 1km of off road track to traverse. My husband drove past and slowed down to say hello... felt a bit wierd to run alongside the car!

For the first time in the whole series I didn't listen to the music the whole way round. I usually just have one earphone in as I run on the road and like to keep an ear out for cars coming but seriously NHS - this music is so bad.... so just listened to the birds and my very loud heavy breathing... seriously I do not care about YOU and BLOODY JULIE!!!

3 hills to endure, each more painful than the last! Does anyone else have 'the conversation' with themselves... it goes like this and usually hits me about 1/2 way round...

me: 'why are you doing this?'

me2: 'Don't know...'

me: 'why dont you walk? It will be so nice.'

me2: 'NO, you'll be disappointed, don't walk, keep going. legs fine - breath loud but fine, keep going.'

me: 'Really, why bother? no one will know, you're not overweight, you're not unfit, why are you doing this to yourself???. Just walk...'

me2: 'ummm, maybe'

me: 'go on just walk...'

me2: 'No, stop it I'm ignoring you! Keep running'....

and so I have my little discussion with myself for a good 10 minutes usually mid run... I don't think I have a split personality... i presume most people have similar... maybe not though! I try to think of other things but am so tired and pushing self it makes me feel really grumpy and annoyed if i try to think about anything that required any degree of brain power... any tips of what to think of? I think maybe counting to 100 over and over again seems my limit...

I managed a very credible 4.9km in 30 minutes. I'm not going to measure distance tomorrow for my last run of the whole C25K course, I just want to enjoy it. I've ran EVERY other day without fail, in snow, sleet, gales, iceland (on holiday), and want to finish on a high, not feeling a ickle tiny bit disappointed that I didnt make 5km, so I'll leave measuring to later in the week.

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You are doing so well! Yes, I have conversations somewhat like that (not out loud, mostly, but in my head). I tried some 'mindfulness' today - noticing things around me, sunlight on puddles, birds tweeting etc, being 'in the moment' - it worked quite well as a distraction for a few minutes, and it did mean that I remembered that part of the run quite vividly as being rather lovely.

Enjoy your graduation run - hope it's lovely and sunny again, like today! :)


Lol, I dont speak out loud either...! That might scare the locals somewhat! :-)


Talk to myself? Definitely. Out loud? No ...... not enough breath for that!

I too am looking forward to some decent music now that I have graduated, something with a beat that I can match. I will not miss "You and Julie" one bit, truly, really :-)


Hi Lynds. I have conversations in my head too. With myself, Laura, imaginary people behind me (I get a bit nervous in the middle of nowhere, with just my dog), my husband, my kids, so it goes on. Who knows who will pop up by the end of this madness (I start week 5 on Weds). Very well done, I've enjoyed reading your blogs.


ps who is this 'Julie' people talk about?


'You and Julie' is a song in week 9. It's dire...


Something to look forward to!


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