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Can I take tonight's run as my Graduation Run pleeeeze?

Tonight, I was there... I was "in the zone" and it was a great place to be. I had decided not to time it, so I clicked on the 5K and started to run. It all seemed to just fall into place, I even managed not to start off too quickly, which has been my usual problem, and I just ran. Seriously getting worried about my choice in music though, really need to remove some of the tunes from my running list. At one point I was running to "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", then went to Meatloaf's "Life's a Lemon" and then was running along listening to something that I used to listen to when I was a child.... Stan Freberg's "St. George and the Dragonet", ...... "it was terrible, he breathed fire on me, he bur'nd me already" in a very strong New York (I think) accent.... well it certainly made me smile. I guess you really had to be there :) and when my little Nike+ friend told me I had finally completed the run, I turned my iPod off, and did my 5 min walk home and finally after cooking dinner etc., about 5 minutes ago I sync'd everything, and the best thing of all, as I wasn't worried about time, I beat all of my previous times and ran 5K in 26:25.

I am on top of the world now, looking forward to all of the challenges ahead of me.

The first challenge is on Sunday, The Poppy Run at Farmoor Reservoir, and good luck to DoggyMum at the Poppy Run in Ashby De La Zouch on Sunday, and to anyone else taking part. Come along and cheer us on if you're not running and you're near where one is taking place.

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wow, well done, that's a really good time! Interesting choice of songs ;-) I've yet to build my list now I've graduated, I did put together a 150 bpm list, but I'm not sure if that is fast enough (still, it will be nice for those days were I don't have much energy!)

Good luck on Sunday, I hadn't heard of those runs, I will have to look out for a local one next year.


Haha, found out afterwards it wasn't my running list, it was my "normal" list, so what is normal??? This is only the 2nd year for the Poppy Run. Zest magazine had promoted it as one of their runs to do for the month so thought I'd give it a go.


you are very brave, I'm not sure that I would have admitted in public that I have St George and the Dragonet on my normal playlist :-D


Not brave, just slightly daft maybe.... it brings back lots of good memories for me :)


What a great time eshaz! I had one of those "in the zone" runs for W9R2 and really wished it had been my grad run too, though not as good a time as you..... I think we really need to remember these ones for the time we have bad runs to spur us on.

Good luck for the Poppy Run.


Sounds like it all came together for you, fantastic! Amazing time, I'm sooo impressed. As for the playlist - well, the vision of running to the Sugar Plum Fairy is too much! St. George and the Dragonet too! heh heh.

All the best for your Poppy Run.


Yeah, I have to say Sugar Plum is definitely out... what amazes me is that people know about St George etc..... thought I was the only loopy one :)


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