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penultimate run of C25K W9 R2

wow, already, seems like only yesterday, but wow only yesterday I couldn't run and now well am doing great with the club or on my own :-)

Today was a very good run, there is a fair in Exhibition Park where we run, so the cows were cordoned off, tricky little bottleneck there!

Today I didn't want to be left so very far behind, so I kept up with the stragglers all the way around, have found that pushing myself like this makes me feel kinda sick anybody else get that?

I got my official yellow t-shirt today and very proudly wore it.

About 3/4 of the way around felt like stopping because of upping the pace, however, decided to keep the guy in front an arm's length in front (he's new too) and follow the advice I gave him (if it get's too much, head down, look at feet, count 1..2..3..4) as usual one of the stronger guys came back looking for me, almost ran past me bless, wasn't as far back as he expected, we talked about pace setters and I pointed to the guy in front of me, said he had been mine all the way around, he pointed to the one in front of him and said give him a go...I couldn't he was setting too fast a pace, but hey I would try... and the legs loved it - away they went, wow! what a lovely lengthy stride, why can't I do this all the way around? Trouble is the breathing wasn't too good, and the guy I passed didn't want to be last gave it everything he had and left me woefully behind, still a very, very good run, I can't imagine not running now, just have to work on that amazing stride that I know I have but appears to be a tad shy :-)

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Wow tor41 that's great - one more run to go!

I've really enjoyed reading your posts & following your journey. Good luck with your graduation run!

I'll hopefully be finishing at the end of next week, so just behind you.


Fantastic tor41, you are sooooo competitive. I'm impressed. Best wishes for the very best grad run. Go girl. Have fun!


Wow, I'm most impressed! I shall look out for your graduation post :)


Tor I did my penultimate run yesterday, it seems we will graduate together. That running group seems like too much hard work ;)


Thanks guys for all of your continued support and good wishes, Scipio I am so very proud of you, you have done so very well Good luck with finishing next week, hope it is a good one, I will look for your post :-) Ryansson well done for getting this far too, hasn't been easy but here we are, Good luck with your run tomorrow too let me know how you get on:-) we'll apply for our badges together :-) Anniemurph and OhCanada Thanks guys, I will indeed try to have loads of fun, I am just glad to have gotten this far and hope I have been some help to others on here, I will still pop in and blog :-)


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