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W9R2 - Penultimate Run!

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Neither the heavy rain or the gales were going to stop me doing this run earlier today. I donned my high vis waterproof, baseball cap and off I trotted. Did a completely new route as I knew my park/trail path would be sodden and dark. I surprised myself how far I'd run and I actually felt like I was running, my feet seemed higher off the ground, I even had to tell myself to slow down as I may not make tbe 30 mins. I even ran up an inclined road which was early in the run luckily as not sure I would have managed it 10 or 15 mins later! The 'I'm a runner' feeling didn't last too long, I was soon back to my usual 'how much longer' phase so started counting Christmas trees as a distraction. It worked and I did it! It feels a bit surreal that there is just one run left till graduation - I don't think anyone who knows me will believe it as I can't myself!

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Course they’ll believe it ! You’re doing great, so relish that victory lap when it comes. Hope you get better weather for it !

Best of luck on your next run enjoy it , I had a slow one tonight but enjoyed it mind you dry and mild , only had leggings and t-shirt

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Onwards and upwards to your graduation 🎓 run 🏃, good luck, you have come this far, just take run 3 slow and steady. 😊

Ooo you’re so close Big50! And very well done trying out a new route. 👏👏 I love the counting Christmas trees distraction! Anything to take your mind off the task in hand - and it clearly worked for you! 🎄🎄🎄😀

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Great job... distraction is always good, I love thinking of other things while I run. Your friends may not believe it, but over tome they’ll have no choice but to, they’re bound to all see you sometime!

Love that last run.

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Exciting stuff! We're ready to cheer you when you graduate! 😸

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MrsH1969Graduate in reply to Katnap

Thank you!

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I never got in the rhythym of my run this morning eithet, felt like my feet were made of concrete, i did the counting christmas tree thing too (otherwise called gawping into folks houses 😂😂😂)

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MrsH1969Graduate in reply to Hedghog

I must admit I only glanced at the Christmas trees I was more interested in the colours and furnishings as I'm looking to redecorate in the New Year! 😉

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