Way behind plan!

Begininng to think I might not achieve the HM in April :( By now I should be on week 6 of the plan and able to run 9 miles....welll I'm not there yet! The most I've done is 6.5miles.

What with the weather and work throwing spanners at my plans I was behind just after week 3 but still confident. However, I haven't been able to run now for the last 10 days as picked up another horrible cold and very chesty cough :( :( :(. After another weekend of resting I am hoping to be able to get back out there on Tuesday.

As I only now have 7 weeks until the day (yikes!) I've had to rewrite the plan to try and up the mileage (sensibly) so I have the confidence to do it (still not told very many people) but balancing against doing too much too soon. So my new plan has me doing one long run each week...starting at 7.5 miles next weekend and then uping that by a mile / mile & half each week depending on how I feel. I will report back!

On a separate note, I have been reading everyones blogs over the last few weeks but having problems posting...type a response and then it disappears! So whilst I have been 'vocal' I have been there with you all.


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22 Replies

  • Hi Ali

    If it's any consolation, I ran (hobbled) the Chester HM last May, having only made 6 miles once (at the end of March), so it sounds like your fitness is way ahead of what mine was then. I pretty much did a walk/jog combination for most of the 13 miles, but I did get round the course.

    Are you aiming for a time, or to run the whole thing, or simply to get round it? If its the latter, then hopefully you should be fine, so long as you don't overdo it now.

  • If I'm going to do it want to be able to give it my best shot...would like to do it in 2 hour 30mins if possible... I will review progress over the coming weeks and see how i'm doing and then make decision (give it a go anyway or wait until another one comes along).

    Soiunds like you did alright in the Chester HM...well done! Any more lined up?

  • Well after the buzz of doing it last year, I'm signed up for it again in May. This year, though, I'm training a lot harder for it over 6 months, beginning with C25K. I've now got a 12 week plan that takes me from 3 miles to 13, but If I manage to get under 2.30, I'll be happy (last year I trained sporadically and got 2.44).

    If the half is successful, I'm going to go for the full marathon in October, but again, it depends on a strict schedule and having a bit of luck, injury-wise.

    The main thing I would say is don't push yourself too hard. If you can get up to 10 miles or so before the big day, you'll probably find the extra few miles on the day. If this is your first 'proper' run, I'd try to fit in a couple of 5 or 10ks before April, just to get used to the atmosphere (and ensure you stick to your OWN pace on the day, rather than setting off too quickly).

    Do be sure to keep us updated, though, as any good news may spur me on a bit. :0)

  • I've done some 5ks and a 10k and am pretty good at pacing myself...have learnt the hard way about going off to fast!

  • Good to hear from you again, Ali. Sorry that life's been getting in the way of your half-m preparation.

    Wepre's idea sounds good. Have you come across Jeff Galloway's website, with run/walk information? The fact that he says that even marathoners with good paces can get faster by using walk breaks makes it worth having a look. That might be more effective than worrying about pushing too hard to fast?


  • Hi Ali, good to see you again, sorry to hear you've not been well thou. I would go for the run/walk system to build up your distance, no point in killing yourself . Good luck hope it all comes together for you and take care.

  • I can sympathise Ali, I'm in the same position myself except that my half is on 24 March ! I think the longest I've run this year is 10k although I have done some speed/interval sessions with club that were over 5 miles so I'm hoping that plodding along gently will get me through the half. There will be some walking involved ! They also pack up and go home after 2hr 45minutes on the one I have planned so there's my target !! Todays 10k race was pretty tough, off road with big hills and lots of mud but I managed to not have a walk break until 5k so I was content. I've booked next Monday off work to ensure I have time for a long run then - will aim for 8-10 miles, then try to increase a mile a week, have an easy week before the half and then see how it goes. You've got a few extra weeks than me so if you plan carefully you should be fine. Never despair ! Good luck :-)

  • Nice to know I am not alone we can get through this together! I am planning an easy week the week before too...only one I am confident of achieving lol

    Good luck with your training and let us know how you get on

  • Some people do it without training so I reckon we'll get there if we're sensible.

  • Sfb350 would have replied if the system would have allowed.....

    I need a like button.....WE WILL get there

  • No worries :-)

  • Glad to see you back Alli! Wishing you the very best. I hope you will feel better soon and will be up and running again. Gayle

  • I will be! Just need to make sure I am better before I get out there...am having withdrawal symptoms!

  • Hey Ali, great to see you back!

  • Thanks

  • I've been thinking about you Ali and checking in here to see if you've blogged. So sorry to hear that you've had that bad chest again :(

    Good luck with this week x

  • Thanks! Did you sign up for paddock wood?

  • I decided not to because we are away in Sydney for Easter, and I didn't want to be tied to a running plan whilst there, or when I'm struggling with jet lag afterwards! Looking at maybe doing one later in the year though..

  • hi ali. just had a look at my plan which also went out of the window, but over christmas. at week 4 I did 6 miles then for the next 4 weeks life got in the way & the most I did was 5 miles, missing at least 1 run a week. week 7 did 10 miles then have been increasing by a mile a week since then. ali, it is possible to get back on track. just take it easy, especially if youve had chest problems again. are you able to get onto a cross-trainer? Ive been using this for my second "run" of the week as those long runs have been leaving me with achey hip for a couple of days. much gentler & no wind or rain :)

  • No cross trainer I am afraid...on the mend so will see how I am tomorrow or wait till Thursday for first run back. Just need to keep telling myself I can do it

  • Most people's plans are all-over-the-place at this time of year; it's the weather and the illnesses which come along behind. But April is still a minimum of 6 weeks away and, despite the cough/cold issues you have a good underlying level of fitness. I suspect you'll be able to push your mileage up pretty steadily and aim for somewhere around 10 or 11 beforehand. Then adrenaline will carry you forward on the day! And it's good to see you back; I was beginning to wonder.

  • Thanks. Going to plough on for now and see how I go.

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