Will I be able to do a 10k?

I've just finished week 4. I'm overweight and pretty unfit - I was a proper couch potato before this. It took me 3 weeks to do wk 1, two weeks to do wk 2 but now I'm on track and doing the plan week by week. I run slow - really slow. I can walk faster and my run is more of a shuffle.

I've signed up to do a 5k in October and following this plan I am confident I will be able to do it.

But this morning a friend (the person who inspired me to run. This time last year she was at the same point I am now) has asked me to do the Run to the Beat around Wembley on Sept 13.

But it's a 10k. Is that aiming too high at this point in my running journey? She and another friend will be doing it with me - they both already run 10ks.

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  • I've signed up for a 10km in August. I almost completed C25K in November then circumstances meant I couldn't complete it, finally did my grad run in January I think and been struggling to run regularly since then. I'm starting C25K again halfway through (now the challenge is to get up early before work to fit running in!)... I think 10km is achievable but it does require commitment :)

    You can do it... believe in yourself! Commit to completing it and enjoy!

  • Thanks.

    I've signed up for it! My friend rang me up and bullied me into it!!!!

  • Well done :) You can do it! Believe in yourself....

    Now I just need to follow my own advice and get on with it :)

  • You know you can do it too Sidbetty!

    Good luck.

  • Good for you. You've committed so you'll do it (perhaps we should all be committed?). Once you've graduated just keep running regularly. 3 times a week is good. You can then follow one of the B210K (Bridge to 10K) programmes or just try slowly increasing one run a week by half a k or so.

    If you've managed to reach 7.5 km before the event, you'll finish a 10K event running on willpower alone for the last two and a half km. The other way of thinking about it is that it isn't a 10K. It's just a 5K followed by another 5K where the rest day between is slightly less than a day...

  • LOL.

    I like that AdamB. Two 5k's but with a shorter rest day!

  • Its just like interval training, 2x 5k. Easy! ;)

  • Even if you have to walk some parts, not a problem! In fact, having a specific target in mind will encourage you just that little more to get out and train (well, it does for me). My plan is: 10k end of May, 15k in August, Great South Run in October - like to have something to focus on!

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